25 Jan

Kid Craft

Katja told me one day that she wanted a necklace with hawaiian words on it. She also wanted flowers and stuff, but words were the most important. I immediately thought of the words printed on the underside of the Kona Brewing Company’s bottle caps and happily started collecting and scheming. Last week Rubber Stamp Plantation announced the month’s craft project was bottle cap jewelry! A trip to the bead store, a pu’pu (appetizer) to share, a few dollars and a few hours later, Katja got just what she wanted!

Friday, she told me she wanted curls for school on Monday. Sure, why not? If I can craft for my kids, I can certainly craft ON them. Here’s what she looked like last night:

And here’s what she looked like before school today:

17 thoughts on “Kid Craft

  1. Ugh! I agree with your real Mom. This brings back memories – but not good ones. My mother was obsessed with having me look like Shirley Temple. Katja looks adorable.

  2. katja looks great with the curls!
    when i was young i always wanted curls that “bounce back”, but unfortunately i don’t have the hair for it (just “schnittlauchlocken” over here…).

    and my compliments to katja for the necklace – it’s adorable! ^-^
    do you think you can collect some of those caps & send them to me? i need to copy this somehow!

  3. What an awesome bohemian beauty she must be today… curls, bottle-cap necklace. I never knew Kona brewing did that with their caps! I’ll have to pay more attention next time I pick up a six-pack!

  4. Yes, rags even look good on the girl. She’s adorable, and her mom ain’t bad either! Kinda amazing how it all works out that way. Was she all still tightly curled when she got home? Or did it go full blown?

    I’m thinking of trying the Shrinky Dinks for some retro art, thanks for the nudge with K’s necklace. It’s cute!

  5. What a beautiful little girl and what beautiful “rag curls”… my mum used to do my hair like that when I was a little girl too. Thanks for the memory.

  6. The necklace turned out great! Did you make one for yourself, too? I hope Katja enjoyed it AND the curls, too.

  7. What is it about bottle caps? I still remember the milk bottle caps with affection, although I haven’t seen any in forever. I have been saving ours (and shamelessly begging them off others) for the last couple months, because I like the jingle and the shape and something else I can’t quite figure out. They are in a baggie on the fridge, awaiting some definite plan….

    The younger daughter has pointed out that I can go to the beer and wine making store and buy a hundred bottle caps if I really want them, but I think part of the fun is the scavenging.

    Want to trade some New England soda bottle caps for some Kona Brewing Co. ones? I’ve got some cute ones.

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