08 Jan

What I Wore Yesterday

Is it just me, or did someone come and steal about three hours away from everyone’s days? I can’t seem to find enough hours to get to everything and the blog is one of those things. May I also ask that all my bloggy friends please stop posting new stuff for about a week so I can catch up with all your writings?

Totally unrelated, last night I found myself at the end of a long day, laying on the couch, not wanting to go to bed because that would mean I’d have to change out of my new dress and I just wasn’t ready to do that. It’s even more comfy than the previously “world’s most comfortable,” Socialite Dress. I didn’t make this one though. I did draw my whole ensemble though because then I could stay up longer, and, I thought it captured the island life.

What I wore

6 thoughts on “What I Wore Yesterday

  1. You are too cool! The way you embrace island living is awesome! I hope your shell is much smaller… wouldn’t want to run down the street with that thing bobbing up and down! Okay, just for you, I’ll back off on blogging. I too am finding it hard to get it all done 🙂

  2. You must have perused some of those “what I wore today” groups. I think it’s a very creative way to document life and personality. Love your sketch. Shouldn’t be too hard to catch up on my blog. Not much new there.

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