15 Dec

Christmas Decor

I’ve got lots of fun, interesting, creative projects lined up, but no energy to actually work on any of them.

So, I will distract you with a little holiday decorating. Little, because I have no energy to go all out, plus it’s hard to get motivated in a tropical clime. That said, come on in:

I made this at the end of last season from a vine wreath who’s original silver baubles had broken and tarnished, a spool of red and white polka dotted ribbon, some craft moss, some of my large collection of little mushrooms, and a pair of toile birds I made using Spool’s simple and elegant tutorial.

Inside, we brought out our Schwibbogen for it’s European charm.

The snowflakes have since moved from the window to hanging from the ceiling above the tree. Very blizzard-like! For the tree, I decided to go for all blue and white to force the winter mood.

The kids were kinda bummed at first that they couldn’t put whatever they wanted on the tree. When we were done though, they admitted that it looked great and was a nice change from our usual red-dominated trees.

We did allow a small bit of red, because Katja said she knew the mushrooms made me happy. I couldn’t argue with that.

8 thoughts on “Christmas Decor

  1. There definitely needs to be red on a christmas tree! 🙂
    And you were right: I love your door-wreath!

    I just cannot imagine christmas in tropical climate. Not that we have snow, but at least it’s cold. In fact it’s VERY cold and we hope for snow… we’ll see if our wish will be granted.

  2. It must be odd to be celebrating Christmas in tropical Hawaiian weather. But I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who decorates with snowflakes despite living in a place that never sees snow.

  3. Belated Birthday Wishes! I hope you had a wonderful day. I was curious as to how one decorates for Christmas in Hawaii. You’ve done a beautiful job. Cheers.

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