10 Dec


Remember the messenger bag I made a few weeks ago? Here it is deconstructed.

Yup, I wasn’t happy with it, so I took it apart. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. Undoing my work.

Yesterday I rearranged some artwork ¬†on the wall and hung up a new piece. After a few hours I decided I didn’t like it. A frame would help, but, if it were really good, it should be able to stand on it’s own. So I took it down and will most likely take it apart someday. Not to fix it, but to use the parts elsewhere.

I undid a piece a month ago too. It had small puckers on the back because I used an inappropriate backing fabric. I took out the quilting and redid the work with a new backing. Much better.

I’m OK with this. Maybe it’s a sign of maturity, but more and more, I don’t expect, or even hope, all my work will be fabulous. Nothing is so precious that I can’t just chuck it (and leave no incriminating evidence). I want to improve, and sometimes moving forward means moving backward.

4 thoughts on “Un-sewing

  1. You sound like my Mum. She used to undo a lot of her knitting and anything where lines didn’t meet perfectly or which threw creases. Undoubtedly you could both build the pyramids. I am sure any stones even half a millimetre out would have had to be sent back but hey! they sure did last. Cherrie

  2. I am all about deconstructed. Can’t wait to see what becomes of it. I totally hear you about feeling like things are going backwards. Often pieces don’t work until the 3rd or 4th version.

    And i was checking out your pay it forward too some posts back. I love those and have been having trouble finding more photos of handmade things that people have made or received for PIFs on flickr, so I started a pool. Would love to have some of your stuff added. The mushrooms are very cool.


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