20 Jun


It’s a construction site around here. I have been “building” houses and apartment buildings out of fabric. I really like my concept here. Most of the buildings are made out of the cloth shopping bags EVERYONE uses here. The stores do not bag your groceries for you, and you have to pay for plastic bags if you haven’t brought your own bags or basket. Many stores keep the boxes that the goods are delivered in so that you can put your items in a box and then the box into the trunk of your car. Shoe stores often ask if you want the shoe boxes, otherwise they will just add them to their recycling pile. Other shopping is bag-optional. Clothing stores will give you a bag, but if you buy a small item, you might be asked if you’d just rather put it in your purse.

But I digress. I like the idea of constructing a city out of something that all it’s inhabitants can relate to, and that relates to the inhabitants. I’m cutting and sewing all the pieces intuitively so that it has the character of german towns which have grown more organicly than the gridded cities in the States. I’ve used about a dozen bags so far and need to get some more. I like used ones though, but have cleared out my neighbors’ stashes. I really want one from our neighborhood bakery because it has lots of text on it and pictures of pretzels, but they have been sold out for months now. I’ll have to accost a little old lady on the street and buy hers off her. I need to try another shade of pink, and I’m thinking it needs some pale yellow. I have some white bags left, but I forsee a need for a few more.
City in progess

6 thoughts on “Baustelle

  1. I see a theme here. First it is a winter forest, then a spring forest, now a city forest. It is interesting that the motif can go either way – trees or buildings. This looks like it will be a beautiful and fun quilt.

  2. I love to see people’s works in progress, trying to imagine what the finished product will look like. This is great! It looks great on the wall just as it is. And recycling bags is so feedsack like.

  3. Terrific idea Kristin!!! You really are incredible!
    p.s. I have yet to make “the purse”…but don’t worry, I’ll get there too!

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