28 Oct

Not Much Progress

My mom likes the house collages I’ve been making lately. She requested one that could be used as a pillow cover, and sent me a box of wonderful laces, linen, and upholstery fabric.

bits and bobs

I have a few other things I’d like to work on first — which is probably a good thing, because I can’t get to the box of Β lace and fabric right now:

cat in a box

15 thoughts on “Not Much Progress

  1. Kitty in a box! We have those here, too.

    We also have, “Kitty on the flannel I’m going to use for a backing,” “Kitty in the strings basket,” and “dog lounging against the flimsie currently hanging to the floor on the design wall.”

  2. Madison should have thought of that earlier. You could have shipped him to Iraq to visit Mr. Incredible. Great photo!

  3. That is the coziest cat ever! I sure hope he did that on his own and it wasn’t some little joke… ha ha! I am sure he did. He looks so happy! You will have to keep the box as is for him!

  4. A Square Kitty! So funny! Why is it that cats love to crawl into and inhabit spaces. Makes me want to go get a kitty. Except it would make hubby sneeze. (pout)

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