26 Oct

Some Crafty Stuff

Sometimes the crafty community just blows me away. First it’s just that there’s so much totally cool stuff out there, but then there’s the connections and generosity too. I’m not very demonstrative, so you won’t see me jumping into lots of swaps or give-aways, so that makes random generosity even more amazing.

All I did was comment on Art Spirit’s Flickr photo that I loved her little mushroom pins and look what she sent me! How cool is that?!

In other crafty news, I wanted to try making my own machine embroidery for a patch, so I used a scrap of the fabric I made with my kids’ drawings as a base, and gave it a whirl.

I thought it turned out so well I had to make something out of it. Now it’s a little voodoo daddy pin cushion.

9 thoughts on “Some Crafty Stuff

  1. so many lovely things! 🙂

    your pincushion turned out great – just like the embroidery. but there’s no doubt everything you do turns out perfect!
    the pincushion made me smile, because the orange reminded me a bit of pipi langstrumpf’s hairdo… 😉

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