18 Oct

A Seasonal Diversion

My daughter saw some cute skull-themed kitties in one of those catalogs of cheap toys and craft supplies. I liked the idea, but knew we could make something of better quality at home. I went to my go-to basic softie pattern from Wee Wonderfuls and whipped this out:

I couldn’t make something just for my daughter and leave my son out in the cold, so I used to opportunity to make a monster I had been toying with.

I love all the softie monsters I’ve been seeing (check out all the monsters in my Flickr Favorites), but had to put my own twist on this. The answer was in tiki inspiration and BDU fabric.

Ha! is not only and interjection and part of a laugh, it is Hawaiian for breath. Zipper mouths rock.

20 thoughts on “A Seasonal Diversion

  1. You sure are full of creative ideas. I love the cat with the fishbone body. It’s my cats dream come true. BarbR on Oahu

  2. It’s always fun to see your creative projects!

    Today, I’m commenting to pass on some information that may well interest you, since you lived in Germany. It also has to do with handcrafts. The Jack Wolfskin company, which makes sportswear jackets, etc. has fined home handcrafters for using paw print images on their self-made products, which they sell online. JW has a wolf’s pawprint logo, and I do not advocate brand piracy, but taking legal action against people who use their cat’s pawprints when they sew or knit is just ridiculous!

    It looks like the situation is turning into a boomerang – the net community is up in arms against the Goliath who is fighting an unarmed David instead of picking on the true brand pirates in the Far East. I can only hope that there will be a long-lasting affect by all those who are calling for a boycott of JW’s products!

  3. Heidi: I had read a little about JW’s suit and agree it’s a big reach. It’s one thing to use a paw print just like their’s (wide and with claws if I remember correctly) in an attempt to snag some of JW’s status or clientele, but using a paw print because it goes with the cute cat theme on your tote bags, or summer tee shirts is completely different. I’m glad to hear that JW is getting lots of backlash on this one.

  4. Awww, love the monsters. I’m currently making them from socks and showing a friend’s daughter how to make one of her own. Lotsa fun. Yours are awesome!!!

  5. These are truly awesome, Kristin! You are so creative, and I’ll bet the kids loved them. But I have to say that the part that made me smile the most was this:

    “And for your husband…….?”



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