14 Oct

Quilt Festival

The quilt/craft blogs have been a-flutter for the last few days with all the Quilt Market excitement. Maybe some day I will be able to attend  as an exhibitor or retailer and join in all the fun (and hard work!). I’m not holding my breath though. On Thursday, the Market turns into the Festival, which IS open to the public. This I would also like to attend someday — which actually could happen. For now though, I am content that at least one of my quilts is there.

Rooted VII: Aquifer  ©2009 Kristin La Flamme

If you are at the Festival, please stop by the Tactile Architecture exhibit and say hi to my quilt!

UPDATE: Vicky is in Houston and sent me a photo of my quilt with it’s neighbors:


Thank you so much Vicky.

7 thoughts on “Quilt Festival

  1. I hope your quilt had a good time at the market! It is incredible. I am feeling pretty certain that you are one of those people who never needs sleep. Otherwise there is no way you could possibly get so much done. When do you find the time to make so many artistic creations? Really impressed. I am so happy to have one of your little houses here on my shelf! I admire it frequently.

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