12 Oct

Some Projects

Some people call it Crafter’s ADD, some just call it having a project for whatever frame of mind you might find yourself in. I like the latter.

Right now, I’m thinking deep thoughts about an art quilt/textile series and as a perfect foil, I’m finally making time to work on a quilt for a friend’s two girls. It’s been so much fun to go through my stash and find the perfect fabrics (and allow myself to buy some that I wouldn’t normally purchase). I’ve also been wanting to make a Denise Schmidt style quilt like all the popular girls and this is the perfect project for it.

I also like to have a take-along project. English-pieced hexagons have long been addictive and pentagons and diamonds are no different. These are from a German book called Liesel’s Funfecke, a book which the whole group of ladies I used to sew with every other Friday bought. I’m not sure if anyone else has a Funfecke project underway. Mine goes to taekwondo class several times a week and is growing nicely.

In the background is the pattern for a blouse I made my daughter. I’ve had the fabric at least six months but it wasn’t until I wanted to use it for the girl quilt too that I actually got around to cutting out the pattern pieces. Maybe my girl will model the blouse tomorrow.

I was remiss in my last post — I didn’t include a picture of the pin cushions. I have my excuses, but they’re lame, so please accept a picture a post late. These are what you can find over at Pink Chalk Fabrics in the Downloadable section (click the button in my sidebar to take you straight there):


3 thoughts on “Some Projects

  1. I’ve had to switch back to handsewing my hexagons, had to take my machine BACK in for the same problem….bleh. I’m still being tempted by all of the other shapes in paper piecing, so far I’ve been successful resisting!

    Can’t wait for a full view of the “popular girl’s quilt”, lol.

  2. I know just how this is. I think though I usually have a half dozen projects going at once, you likely didn’t count your knitting projects though did you?

    Both of your quilts look like marvelous fun! Delighted to take a peek at what you are up to!

  3. I wholly agree — we are creative multi-taskers who need many types of projects to satisfy our varied and complex creative needs.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    The Schmidt-style quilt looks wonderful!

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