15 Jun

For Robin’s Mom

Being Thursday, we went out for Stammtisch. Technically that’s a group of the same people meeting at a regular time at a regular place. We have a regular time, a mostly regular group, but no regular place (years ago we had a regular place, but we’ve moved twice since then). Tonight may have been Robin and Jaime’s last opportunity to make Stammtisch, so we let them choose. They picked a delicious, traditional restaurant in their town that was VERY kid friendly. We like that! So, for Robin’s mom who I’ve heard lurks on my blog, here’s a photo of me and my daughter (the orange ones) and Robin with two of her kids. Enjoy, mom 🙂

Robin, kids, and I

3 thoughts on “For Robin’s Mom

  1. Kristin

    Thanks for the picture. In just 48 hours I will be holding that adorable baby. Maybe I’ll get one more dinner in that restaurant too, since sadly this will be my last visit to Heppenheim.

    Barbara Cincotta (Robin’s Mom)

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