15 Jun


So we’ve established that I love brown. But my all-time favorite color is blue. When I was a teenager, I had a faded denim-blue room with a monochromatic pegasus which I painted on the ceiling. The mismatched chairs at our table are upholstered in a variety of navy blue fabrics. Much of the art on our walls is blue. The white couch was blue before we got a chair to match and IKEA didn’t carry the blue slipcovers anymore. My Mod Birds are blue. Blue jeans and a T-shirt are my favorite outfit. For the last six years I’ve been making blocks in a variety of techniques for a quilt representing our travels in Europe; it’s blue, of course. All shades of blue look great with all shades of brown; especially chocolate.

My favorite blue fabric is this Blaudruck, or literally, “blue print.” I first saw it as skirts on a group of ladies in a folk parade. They looked so lovely with their white blouses, dark blue skirts and vests, Blaudruck aprons and head kerchiefs, and a shot of red as neckerchiefs. It is indigenous to the north eastern region of Germany, and the traditional Blaudruck is a resist pattern using indigo dye for the background. The second third and fourth fabics from the top of my pile are made in the traditional Blaudruck manner on cotton/linen fabric. The top one is also real indigo, but on 100% cotton fabric. The fifth and sixth fabrics are Czech reproductions. They are chintz, with a white pattern printed on a blue ground. The last one is a Dutch reproduction of a traditional pattern and is again, white printed on a blue ground. I love them all and have been rationing the fabric in my quilt and other projects so I can enjoy it as long as possible.