26 Sep

Everyone Loves a Parade


We’ve been missing our wacky Fasching Parades since leaving Germany. What today’s Aloha Week Festivals parade lacked in wackiness, it more than made up for in island flavor.

Kamehameha Schools Band

There were marching bands…


Castle High School

…in aloha shirts,


Marines pressing hands,


old cars (I love the simple decorations on this one and have made up a full story about the driver of this truck and how he fishes for octopus and hangs out with his friends speaking pidgen and eating smoked meat with poi).


Random surfers crossing the street add the perfect island touch behind this car.

Singing Tutus

There were lots of Tutus (grandmotherly types) singing on the backs of floats,

Tutus in cars

and there were Tutus in cars. But, my favorites had to be the Princesses representing each island, decked out in symbolic lei and chanting greetings from their homes (roll your cursor over each one to find out her island).









Bringing up the rear of each equestrian group were designated pooper scoopers. The lady we were sitting next to (who happened to be the principal of Sacred Heart School, and who’s school had an excellent band and float) said that she thought that the pooper brigades were judged as well as the floats, explaining why great lengths were taken to dress them well. While Ni’ihau and Lanai scored high in my book, we all agreed that a volcano poop repository was very fun.

Hawaii's Poop Brigade

For more pictures, including hula on the street and hula on the back of floats, check out my Flickr page.

10 thoughts on “Everyone Loves a Parade

  1. your photos are fabulous! it’s as if i had a front row seat at the parade without having to make the trip to waikiki! always a plus in my book.

  2. Wow! Certainly puts the hardwood festival parade they have back in Morehead KY (where I lived for 6 years) to shame! The big attraction in that was big trucks carrying…wait for it…hardwood! Those island gals are amazing!

  3. I was there! Judging from your pics we were probably pretty close by each other. The parade went by my hotel at Ala Moana and Kalakaua. I’d love to hear your story about the guy in the old pick up truck. I too took lots of photos until my camera batteries died. The parade was a real treat for me during a week spent mostly at the hospital with my Sis whose husband is real sick from ciguetera fish poisoning. Beware this nasty neurotoxin which he contracted eating a reef fish that he’d speared off Kauai.

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