19 Sep


Pun intended.

I’ve been a bad supporter. When I found out about the altered bra project for our local Hawai’i Chapter of the American Cancer Society, I got all excited and made a calabash bra filled with poi and covered in flowers.

Calabash detail

But then I dropped the ball on supporting the cause by finding sponsors for my “cups of life.” I posted about the bra about the same time my site was down for two days, and then my project seemed so insignificant and puny compared to all the IBOL hoopla my hubby had tapped into, so I let it sit unloved.

Now I’ve got one week to gather as much support as I can for my calabashes. Look out neighbors! If any blog readers would also like to sponsor my bra and in doing so donate to the ACS Hawai’i chapter, please leave a comment and we’ll work something out.


7 thoughts on “Support

  1. Well, Kristin, it would be terribly unfair of us to support only the Mr, so please let me know how I can help you! BTW – love your altered bra.

  2. Aloha Kristan!
    Please let me know how I can help! Your bra is fantastic & I’d love to help since this is a local cause as well. You do wonderful work!

  3. Iʻm in.

    On behalf of my friend Gail whom I just picked up from the airport today after 8 weeks in San Diego for her latest go-round of surgeries. Radiation ahead.

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