08 Oct

Scarves and Marbling

So here’s the results of my last marbling session. They’re not quite ready for prime time, as some colors adversely polluted the next piece, and there are bubbles of uneven paint, but overall I’m quite pleased. By the time you tie on the scarf, or cut the part you need from the fabric, it looks great. I love that I never know just how each design will turn out, and often I set out to make one pattern but discover a wonderful new one along the way. Now, if I could just get my paints to flow smoothly…

“Amethyst Lode” Scarf

“Aqua” Scarf, marbled twice

“Aquafier” Scarf

“Eggs” Cotton fabric, marbled twice. I think this is just goofy enough to go with the owls.

“Jewel” Scarf

“Koi Pond” Scarf

“Pebble” Scarf

“Red Tide” cotton fabric, marbled twice. Bonus: two of my newest purchases, a Bali Batik and Kaffe Fasset Paperweights, go great with this!

“Seeing Spots” Scarf, marbled twice

So Mom, which scarf do you want?