09 Sep

Just a Blog Post

I’m keeping busy at home, but have nothing to show for it. No finished projects, no clean rooms. Even the air conditioning I had fixed in my car a few months ago has undone itself and is back in the shop.

The big news is Mr. Incredible’s Iraqi Bundles of Love project — the date for mailing your bundles has passed, so now we wait for the avalanche of donations to arrive, and for my man to figure out a way to share with us the recipients’ reaction. This has been an amazing experience — bringing people together from all over and with myriad motivations.

The Blurred Boundaries show is also over and one of my pieces sold. Woo hoo, “Pink House” has a new house!

The next event is the SAQA auction. I’m sorry to say that I did not enter anything this year, but wow, those who did enter really went for it! There is some great stuff. The auction starts on Thursday the 10th — be there!

It doesn’t seem like summer is over here in Hawai’i, but there are hints if you look hard enough. Like the kids have been back in school for five weeks already! A few weeks ago was the last Moonlight Mele of the summer at Bishop Museum. We’re members, but hadn’t gone, so I dragged the kids out for an evening of culture.

It’s still early in the picture, so the lawn hasn’t filled up yet with people. The whole casual, bring a blanket and a beach chair thing reminds me a bit of Hollywood Bowl picnics when I lived in LA. You can’t bring in your own food here though, so there’s no elaborate champagne and roast chicken dinners a la Sunset Magazine.

There was delicious catering by Gordon Biersch though. I chose fusion and ordered spicy ahi tostadas. I guess that’s a fish taco island style. Dinner was followed by light showers and a rainbow (we are in Hawai’i):

Followed by Hawaiian music by  Weldon Kekauoha and crew (which I really enjoyed):

… and then “headliner” Raiatea Helm accompanied by her two musicians and a hula dancer:

I’d definitely do this again, and it was pretty kid friendly too. Next summer, we’re there.

Speaking of kids, Saturday is my son’s 11th birthday. I keep remembering that I keep forgetting to do anything about this. Must go get his present, a piñata, and taco stuff for 12.

10 thoughts on “Just a Blog Post

  1. “Just a Blog Post”? Hardly. You have more interest in your little finger than I could ever hope to have!

    Were finally into the high 90’s, I’m ready for weather a bit cooler!

    Have fun with your son’s Taco birthday, have you ever done walking tacos?

  2. Good morning (here). I just caught up with the IBOL blog and am so thrilled by how it has taken off. I thought President Obama might appreciate news about something positive, so I sent him an email about the IBOL project and a link to Art’s blog! I wonder if it will get past his mail readers. Well, I know someone will enjoy reading about it!

  3. I also just caught up with the IBOL project. Isn´t that an incredible response? You all must be so happy and it made me happy too. Congrats to your successful exhibition!

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