04 Sep



Here’s what the kids helped me pack tonight for IBOL’s super secret project #3. It was not easy distracting them from their usual activities of homework, playtime with friends, books and screen time for a project so far removed from themselves. We went to Walmart tonight to get undies so we looked around to see if there was anything else that might be good to include and Katja enjoyed picking out hair thingiess and chose sparkly beads and string for making jewelry, while we distracted Zavi from Bakugan just long enough for him to endorse some Fimo-type clay. They dumped all the stuff from the house and our shopping trip in their respective “Boy” and “Girl” boxes and that was about it from them.


Until bedtime when Katja was, for the first time since the week daddy deployed, in tears. Doing a project for him brought to the surface just how much she misses her dad.

7 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. What a great project for the kids…I am sorry that Katja was sad – but know Art will be home before too long…she and Zavi must be so proud of their Dad!

  2. It makes me cry, too. Art’s generous and creative projects have been a great distraction, but the reality is that he’s been away for a long time and his family needs him.

  3. Hugs for Katja and all of you. I hope the tears will soon be replaced by smiles and laughs and a few happy tears when Art comes home. Love you all, M

  4. Hugs all around. Make sure you show her how proud we ALL ARE of the service her Daddy provides, whether it’s out in the field, or stacking boxes. He extends OUR world for us, because we can’t do what he is doing.

    We are Soldier Families, be strong…and go make a special box just for Daddy’s homecoming.

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