28 Aug

Bundle Love

I feel like my blogging has been all messed up lately. I had two things to post when my blog was down for a day and a half and when it came back up they were there, but I think it took longer than usual for RSS feeds and stuff to find them. Then I joined FaceBook. Now I’m over there as much as here and I forget what I’ve said in which place. I have to admit that a quick little blurb over there is so easy, though I feel like posts over here have a little more presence. On top of that I am totally caught up in Mr. Incredible’s IBOL project. Not that I’m actually doing anything, I’m just constantly bouncing between my email, the IBOL blog and the IBOL FaceBook page to see how amazingly the project has grown.

When he first told me of the project I never imagined that so many people would come out to support it. My post alone has over 60 comments and I never get even close to that kind of traffic on this blog. His number of hits and comments is understandably astronomical! It’s so much fun to see other people blogging about it too. Blogs that get lots of traffic and those that get little bits — it’s all added up to an amazing amount of support. Then Sew Mama Sew jumped in with bundles for people without a fabric stash to draw from and that ended up being perfect for people outside the US too (since postage can add up), plus I think a lot of sewers who just plain like SMS ordered additional bundles because they could. They sold out in an amazing 48 hours. Now Quilts, Inc. is on the bandwagon, Mr. Incredible’s got a press guy, he’s done a radio interview and there’s more in the works. Don’t forget the fun little side projects that spring up spontaneously like Nadine’s T-Shirts based on my SIL’s heart-for-an-O labeling of her box, and Happy Zombie’s adorable blog button which is way more lovie than my persian rug one. How can I possibly blog in the shadow of all this awesomeness?

Iraqi Bundles of Love


So thank you thank you thank you for all your bundle love and support! Sooner or later I’ll get back to the art bras, Hawaiian music on the lawn, quilty things, Guild happenings, and  possible projects. But right now, it all seems beside the point.

8 thoughts on “Bundle Love

  1. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one spending more time on the web, tracking the progress of IBOL! It’s an amazing project. Once Mr. IBOL Guy sets his mind to something, he’ll get it done. You two make a powerful couple; I’m so glad he brought you into the LaFlammily! And, I can’t wait to see you over the holidays.

  2. Me, too! It is so exciting to be in on the beginnings of this wave going round the world. Now, I have to get M & M to help me with the Mother Hubbard project.

  3. You and Art are the definition of Live Aloha! And tiz moi who blogs in shadow of your awesomeness!!! Thanks you for the love Kristin… and I think your IBOL button could not kick my IBOL button’s but… it’s a lot softer to sit on too.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever checked so frequently on any one blog before as I do the IBOL blog. And I had to replace the IBOL button immediately as soon as I saw the new one. I feel priveleged to be able to contribute to the Old Mother Hubbard project too :- )
    Thank you one and all!

  5. You know, I’m kind of worried about the mail. Not having had any in a few days, while watching the ever growing number of comments from new people asking for the address and the every rising number of visitors to the site, I’m just worried — how many bundles are really en route?

    1000 comments just on the site, 40,000 visits — and a little over 100 bundles have arrived? That’s an average of 7 bundles per day over the two weeks since the first bundle arrived. And half of those are days with no bundles arriving at all.

    Let’s just pick a number. Let’s say there really are 1000 bundles en route right now (the realist in me says that there’s no way there are that many en route, but the planner in me worries that I have gravely underestimated the level of giving involved with IBOL). And let’s say they really all get in the mail by 7 or 8 Sept, and really arrive around 17 SEP.

    That’d be 50 bundles arriving every day. 53, actually.

    53 bundles, from any of the dozen or so countries represented by IBOL. 53 bundles, different than the 53 that arrived the day before and different than the ones that would arrive the next day. 53 bundles, each maybe representing 7 lbs of materials.

    Add to this the other odd factoids. The operational costs for IBOL? $0. Wed hosting is free. Photo hosting is free. Podcast hosting is free. Facebook is free. Even that awesome Happy Zombie badge is available for free.

    As best I can tell, a lot of people really are going into their stashes — so the $ being spent on new material for this is minimal. A lot of people are indeed using the special APO / FPO flat rate boxes from the USPS, with postage thus costing just $11.95, so even that is keeping the costs down (though a lot of people seem to be sending a lot more than one box, but as best I can tell, the $11.95/box factor seems to be a positive factor for those doing so). And the European contingent seems to be routing through the NL, being sent on from there by Poppa Bear, so even that is keeping costs down some, too.

    And Sew Mama Sew? That’s a whole other set of metrics. Wow. Their ability to support this at a very cut rate is amazing; I am thrilled that someone, anyone, would even consider doing it. I mean, really — they’re probably going to take a workday and everyone there, to build 150+ boxes of stuff, with no or close to no profit involved. So, instead of making money that day, they’re eating profits to make boxes. Talk about not just selfless service, but giving up and making sacrifice!

    I wish I had more time to work on this. But I’ll be honest — at best, IBOL is #4 on my list right now, behind work, behind sleep, and behind running. This week, with the upswing in visits and comments, I literally skipped shaving my head to work on IBOL — that was not pretty. I’d like to read more on what people say about IBOL. I’d like to dig out more links, to share with others what people are saying about IBOL. I’d like to go on the hunt of the great white whale, the Yarn Harlot. I’d like to podcast and do short videos

    And really, I’d like to make more IBOL Kitteh jokes. But I think it’s working out OK, even if more could be possible.

    Anyway, enough with the math and the numbers and stuff. Thanks for the link love, and the comments, and the well wishes, in addition to the bundle. Tell the IBOL Kinder that I’ll try and call this weekend….

  6. Hard to fathom how this outpouring has affected your DH and those around him in Iraq. Incredible that he keeps to his daily routine and fits all this extra in to the schedule … What a marvelous man you have!!! Prayers for his safety, and for whatever blessings IBOL brings to your family and others touched by this worldwide effort!!

  7. I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful support that you have provided your husband. You and he are very blessed to have each other. His work is amazing, and the small quilting group (~15 ladies) i belong to have contributed many boxes!

  8. I work most of my day at my computer – with IBOL open on the other big screen on my desk – and I keep on clicking my bookmarks to see what is new, and reading the comments.

    I have had a traumatic summer that had really got me down. Then along came IBOL – Krystal at Solsisters got me onboard very early on and my other three daughters (Norah, Kim, and Sarah) joined in, and my mother and sister…I haven’t had so much fun, nor felt so a much part of a loving, caring community in a long time. It has been the perfect antidote for some seriously bad stuff.

    Our family have mailed 12 boxes and I have more Mother Hubbards going in the mail tomorrow. One unintended consequence of my summer miseries has been a financial settlement that I wasn’t expecting – just in time to take care of the shipping and shopping for IBOL and OMH. I have been able to give more generously than usual, and with the greatest sense of joy and thanksgiving in my heart.

    And you and Art and your family have made it all possible.

    Showers of blessings on you all!! and help for Art with the thousands of boxes that are and will be heading his way!!

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