17 Aug

Ripple Afghan: Finished

Ripple Afghan, originally uploaded by Umzavi.

I did it! I finished the Ripple Afghan.

The specs:

Neat ripple pattern by Attic24.
14 skeins of Plymouth Encore poly/wool blend yarn.
56 stripes (the red/orange stripe counting as one).
Barely four stripes per skein.
My starting chain was 214 stitches.
Final size was 57″ square.

It’s wider than necessary for a lap blanket. It seemed right when I started but it gained width as I added stripes. Odd. The length is good. And now it’s done just in time for the two hottest months of the year!

15 thoughts on “Ripple Afghan: Finished

  1. Clap clap clap! Lovely! I keep eyeing those but never seem to get around to making one. Yours is so striking — wonderful against the white chair!

  2. My mother-in-law made so many of these in the butt-ugliest color combinations that I thought i was permanently put off the ripple afgan. Yours is pretty.

  3. ah, I love it!
    it looks perfect with your pillows, and adding the small red stripes surely was the right thing.
    I blame you for having to add it to my queue… 😉

  4. I think that is the prettiest ripple afghan that I have ever seen. It looks so perfect in the room too. I only made one, in the 1970’s so you know how ugly that one was!

  5. You simply amaze me. The colors are just perfect, and it looks soooooo good in the room and with that other triangular pillow. Just perfect.

  6. Kristin,

    I do hope you have some airconditioned rooms over there. Just put them a little colder and then it feels so good to snuggle under a blanket, even when it is hot outside. My therapy when I have enough of the heat, the mosquitos and sometimes everything else. Beautiful nostalgic blanket!

  7. Lovely! Good colors. I had one years ago that I did that got wider as I progressed. When I pulled the UFO out of the bag, it was actually pie shaped! At least you don’t have that problem. It’s great!!!

  8. My grandmother made one of these, I had forgotten until I saw yours. I wonder what happened to it. I always dream of making something like this, but never seem to get around to it. That’s a lot of yarn though!

  9. Why do I think eventually you are likely to be transferred back to a place where it snows?! The colors are vibrant and it will bring back great memories of where you were when you made it!

  10. Wow…that’s the most beautiful ripple I have ever seen by far(and ive been looking at them for days now ;)…by any chance can you tell me what the colors are??Please!!I would love to make this for my Mom for Christmas with these colors.

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