29 May


As a gift for our son, we went to a nearby amusement park. This one was very much oriented towards locals; there were no signs or information in english, or any language other than german, for that matter. Imagine everything typically German, clean it up even more, add plenty of bathrooms and strategically located food opportunities (not just junk, but sit-down meals and local specialties as well) and voilá, Tripsdrill. And how cool is it to place a park in the middle of vineyards? Gorgeous scenery everywhere you look. You did notice that giant Fliegenpilz mushroom on the right side of the pic, didn’t you?
Tripsdrill Countryside

It’s the Wirbelpilz, one of those big spinning, swing things:

Z Swinging

Speaking of spinning, here’s TS&WGH (and the kids) in the Wäschekorb-Rundflug, or “Flying Laundry Baskets.” All the rides had oldy-worldy german themes: spinning coffee cups and gugelhupf (cake moulds), Waschzuber-Rafting in wash tubs, G’senkte sau a rollercoaster that’s Dr Zivago style sleighs, a clawfooted Badewanne Fahrt roller coaster with lots of splashing water, and much more. All in an idyllic setting of medieaval fachwerk (half-timbered) buildings.
Laundry Baskets

And here’s the kids and I in the Flotten Schlappen-Tour leather-look sandals:

Spinning Shoes

And Zavi on the Weinkübelfahrt in a wine barrel, spinning through a little vineyard:

Z in a Wine Barrel

Lest you think all they had was spinning rides, there were a few others too. In honor of Memorial Day, Zavi salutes the Indy 500!

Soapbox 500

And I don’t know who these girls are, but we loved these boats that had coffee pots, watering cans, and wine bottles that you could squirt water with. TS&WGH and Zavi got into a serious squirt-volley with a pair of parents in another boat. Who says fun is just for the kids?

Squirt Boats

They had a small petting zoo with cute goats. Instead of just feeding the goats, you could brush them as well. Good, clean family fun…

K Brushes a Goat

Until this one stole my map!

Bad Goat

And here’s one to file under “could never happen in the States.” They had a figure eight track with bikes just sitting there for anyone to use. Not just any bikes, but big, heavy clown bikes that wobbled up and down as you rode them, and this one with a swiveling front AND back wheels. Law suit waiting to happen if it were the US.
A on Swing Bike

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