16 Aug

Mail is Great

Every now and then I get a great week or so of mail.I had one of those a few weeks ago. it started with this cute little mushroom baby from Bitter Betty. After the mushroom swap she had said she’d send me one to go with my little mushroom guy. I had totally forgotten about it, so it was a fun surprise when this little one arrived at our door.


I had also sent my insane hexagon quilt, “Am Rand von Oma’s Weizenfeld,” to Germany to be part of an exhibit of hexagon quilts at the Heidelberg Hearts and Castles Quilt Guild 20th Anniversary Quilt Show. Margarete and Christine returned it with a CD of photos from the show AND a magazine with my friend Valerija’s artwork on the cover. Inside were both the optical illusion quilt and the tote she made from the scraps, plus two accessories! Way to go Valerija! I am also the proud recipient of my third Valerija bag — this one in a fun black and brights print with shiny silk inside.


And if the week couldn’t have gotten any better, my long time friend Silke sent me pot holders from her home town to remind me of Germany, a recipe book so I can make my own german treats, the french fry spice that my german-born kids can’t live without and a box of semmelknoedel. Of course, you don’t see the knoedel because we’ve eaten them already! Oh, since it matched the blue color scheme, another hero card from my hubby is in the picture.


Finally, speaking of my hubby and mail, the first Iraqi Bundles of Love arrived! This is getting exciting.

9 thoughts on “Mail is Great

  1. I am glad to know I am not alone in looking forward to “snail mail”! You win this week though – how cool are the gifts you got? Also, looks like the IBOL are going to be a big hit – way to go!!!

  2. Honey, yours arrived today. Yours, and one other. I’ve not had time to do anything other than look over and see them there, waiting for me. I’ll try to get to them tonight, though.

  3. My IBOL is on its way, too. I didn’t know I would need to fill out a customs form–a bit of information to pass along to make mailing go faster. Fill out the form before you get to the counter–other customers get cranky waiting for you to fill it out at the counter! (Ask me how I know–)

  4. I am actually in Germany right and JUST purchased that cookbook! Since we are on our way out in only 5 weeks I am feeling the urgency to grab all those things that I know I can’t get in the states. you know? BTW I am all over this IBOL thing. I’ll get something put together.

  5. I have the Dr Oetker baking cookbook, called (in German) Baking Makes Joy, and it is fantastic! Maybe I’ll have to get the other one on my next trip across the border…

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