27 May

It’s Friday, There Must be a Fest!

Thank you all so much for your kind comments regarding my last post. Yup, that nasty self doubt knocks on my door all the time. I try not to let him stay long though. You guys definitely help chase him out!

So, being Friday in Germany, there has to be a fest somewhere. Lucky for us, it was around the corner at the firehouse. They are celebrating their 100 year anniversary (although our town dates to 791).
Feuerwehr Fest

There was a disco in the truck bays, face painting, food, and the kids got to go for a ride around town in one of the fire trucks:

Firetruck rides

We had burgers, bratwurst, gyros, fries and beer, of course. What a great excuse not to cook dinner.

Fest food

Some cultural notes: Like most all small town events, food is served on real plates, not plastic or paper (it’s better for the environment). We wondered about the blue and white decor — could be because blue and white are the Bavarian colors and the Bayrisch know how to party; could be that our town’s colors are blue and white; could be that that’s what coordinated with the awning fabric which was on sale in Poland. There was no coffee and cake. Our Germerican neighbor suggested that there would certainly be coffee and cake tomorrow 😉

Lastly, look at what TS&WGH picked up today while out shopping. A fliegenpilz for our garden:

Garten pilz

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