27 May

I guess this means I’m an artist!

Great news! Two of my quilts have been accepted into the Zonta Club of Cincinati “Quilts for Change show! I’ve procrastinated literally for years about sharing my quilts with a larger (and judgemental) audience. However, at AQT last year, a wise classmate offered that if you like your quilts, you should enter them; judges and trends be damned. So, I jumped off the precipice and did it. While I am making a good number of quilts this year for my possible show, I decided that some of them should be entered as well , since acceptance could add, or prove, worth to the quilts. The two accepted into Quilts for Change will not be in my show, but I like them each for very personal reasons.

Shades of CR Mackintosh

Shades of CR Mackintosh” was made as a Christmas present for my mom and step-dad. They are enthusiasts of the Craftsman style and I wanted to see if I could make a quilt that would reflect that. I was also part of a bee with several appliqué-ers and was ready to try my hand at that. I had appliquéd before, but over the 8 or so months with this particular group, had gleaned lots of new tips and tricks. This hand quilted piece was a labor of love for me and a cherished gift for my mom and step-dad, and for that I want to share it.


The other quilt, “Seaweed?” is one I made after hand-marbling fabric. This particular piece spoke to me to be embellished in an organic way. I had never approached a piece of art like this without a clear goal and I still don’t really know what it “is,” but I think that’s the beauty of it. I entered it because I think it’s rather unique, and if I like it for no good reason, maybe someone else will too.

I’ve been browsing the internet looking at some other the other quilts and artists which were also accepted and wow, I can’t believe that my quilts were even considered! I am in good company: Susan Schrott, Pamela Allen, Carol Taylor, Ellen Zak Danforth, Sue Reno, Sandra Woock, Kathy Munkelwitz, B. J. Reed, Susan Shie. These are just a few randomly chosen quilters/artists on the list. Pretty much everyone on the list makes award-winning quilts. I am amazed and depressed at the same time — amazed at the wonderful work these people are making and amazed that mine were chosen as well, and of course, depressed because of the self doubt that comes along with wondering how I could ever consider myself to be in the same league as these other women.

12 thoughts on “I guess this means I’m an artist!

  1. Congrats Kristin! What a thrill!!! I am so proud of you. I love both of your quilts, but most especially “Seaweed?”! Your color choices are fabulous!
    I thoroughly understand your emotions, but get over that doubt business and just enjoy the rewards of your “labor of love”!!

  2. Listen here, chickadee. Since moving back to mother-Deutschland, you’ve come alive. Whether it’s something in the water, or having the kids in school, or your post-AQT I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude about quilting, you’ve been making some damn fine pieces. Moreso, every damn day I here you speak of the sheer joy you’re finding in the process of making these true pieces of art.

    Yes, it’s right that you are seeking to enter them in shows, in order to give others the chance to share in your muse, just as it’s right that you’re blogging. Most important is that all this makes you happy. If all you did was make things to neatly stack and store in the closet, it’d all be worth it if it continued to make you this happy this often. The means far outweigh the end.

    You just keep on rockin’.

  3. I will be taking a workshop from Carol Taylor at Quilts for Change, sooooo I’ll get to see your quilts in person! yea me!

  4. Beautiful, Kristin!! Yay you!!

    I’m hoping to get to go see that show – it’s only a couple of hours away from me, so unless I’m out of town or something I’ll probably go to it.

    (I’m annoyed with myself because I meant to try entering something in that one and totally forgot – the entry deadline slipped right past me. Sigh.)

  5. These are wonderful pieces and deserve to be seen! And your new forest pieces are thrilling.

    Self-doubt is a nasty little neighbor that you have to learn to live with, and ignore as much as possible. I think we are all quite familiar with him–he’ll lurk about and peek in the windows–just don’t let him in the house!

    Enjoy your success.

  6. beautiful quilts!
    the seaweed-quilt is absolutely lovely and you don´t have to stand behind those other quilters – you are as well an artist as they are!

    hand marbeling fabric sounds interesting…i´m curious: how do you marble it? is there any “how-to” somewhere?
    the results are wonderful!

  7. Hurrah for you! I love the Craftsman quilt – truly beautiful and definitely a piece to be lovingly worked on by hand. Beautiful.

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