25 May

Meet my nemesis

Meet Madison. Years ago, we rescued him and a lovely grey cat from the pound. She bonded with TS&WGH and he, Madison, bonded with me. He sleeps on my head at night (it only took me 9 years to realize that if I scooted down in the bed and put an extra pillow above my head and scrunched mine all to myself that he would sleep on the extra pillow and not directly on my head). He purrs REALLY loud. He thinks it’s very important that someone get up at about 5:30 in the morning, but he won’t get out of bed himself. He headbutts you when he wants to wake you up or just give him attention. He thinks he MUST be near me at ALL times. He doesn’t eat people food normally, but he’s got this thing for marshmallows and chips.


2 thoughts on “Meet my nemesis

  1. The picture of Art and Madison sharing a chip reminds me of Lady and the Tramp? So, is Art the lady or the tramp?

    And, Madison’s purring sounds a lot like the purring of Nonnie’s new Z4! They’re both loud and rich sounding, but I’d rather take the Z4 out for a spin…

  2. So this must be the eyelid licker, eh? What a sweetie kitty. At least my Lily just goes thru phases of needing to be right next to me – it’s not an every night battle.

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