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First off, thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in donating to Iraqi Bundles of Love. Thank you for bundling up fabric and other goodies. Thank you for telling your friends about the project. Thank you for your generosity. FYI, my husband doesn’t want to post his address online, but if you comment on either the IBOL blog or here, we’ll email it to you.

On to other projects. I read about the Hearts for Anna project and then forgot about it. Then a few days ago Gerrie posted her donation which lit a fire under my butt. I believe wholeheartedly that healthcare for all US citizens regardless of economic or employment status will not lead us down a slippery slope towards long bread lines, spies, and gulags. I’d like to think we’d move more in the direction of lingonberry jam, saunas, and sleek design (I can dream, yes?). So, in the spirit of helping out the underinsured and sending the message that reform is needed and supported, here are my submissions.


Heart House II  5"x7"

Heart House II 5"x7"




Heart House III 5"x7"

Heart House III 5"x7"


These two textile collages should join all the other beautiful “Hearts for Anna” pieces (in many media) over at Artful Home where they will be auctioned off starting August 12, 2009. All money raised will go to a fund that goes directly to Anna to help pay her medical bills. The prices for the art are quite affordable, so if you’d like to add to your collection, here’s a way to do it, help another human, and make a statement all at the same time.

16 thoughts on “Donations

  1. What a wonderful idea this is! I just packed up my box and had a lot of fun doing so. I hope you keep us all posted – it will be interesting to hear about things as the zillions of boxes arrive in Iraq. Please send me the e-mail address.

  2. I have a fabric etc. box and a yarn box started. Please send the address. And thank you both for doing this.

  3. What a wonderful idea – spreading beauty and peace. As my mother and father taught me – the only life worth living is a life of service. Count me in! Please e-mail me the address!

  4. I would love to put together a bundle for Iraq. Please send me the address and I will get it off next week. Such a wonderful thing! Thanks for sharing and allowing us in the online quilting community to participate!

  5. I would love to put together a package for the bundle for Iraq project. I’m in Richmond, Va and will try and get some other folks (family and friends) to send something too….. Please send me the address so I can get this package out to you guys ASAP! What a beautiful way to share handmade and support others in need……

  6. I heard about this at quilting mini-group yesterday – I would love to send a box! Started gathering things last night. Please send the address.

  7. Kristen–
    I am a long time quilter and fabriholic, so I have lots of fabric to share that I will not be able to use anytime soon. Please send me the address so that I can send fabric and supplies to those that can put it to good use.
    Thanks for doing this and letting us participate.


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