30 Jul

Heart House

I put this collage up on Flickr, so I figured I should share it here too. When I re-mounted “Pink House,” I consoled myself by immediately starting in on another collage stitched directly to the canvas. It was a complete coincidence that the only appropriate house I had left was pink-ish too.


This was also a great opportunity to work with my new screen printed house fabric from Ink & Spindle. It’s a bit more sparse than my usual, but it didn’t want or need any more. I like it.

Heart House, 12″x12″ Painted fabric house by me and hand printed house fabric from Ink & Spindle, further colored by me, stitched to gallery wrapped unprimed linen canvas, with a few other fabrics and fibers too.

11 thoughts on “Heart House

  1. Lovely! Are you saying that all of this was stitched on the canvas as it was already stretched on the bars? First, I thought that’d be hard – but then realized it would be like using a embroidery hoop, which I can imagine…but does the linen get stretched as you’re working with it, so that things are no longer taut? I wrap a lot of my quilts around stretcher bars, but always at the end…

  2. I’m enjoying your posts about the canvas background idea. Loved your house series ever since I saw your first while in Germany, but especially like your new canvas idea!

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