23 May

Magic Mushrooms

I present to you, my next forest quilt. The last one was in the snow, so this one has warmed up quite a bit. In real life, it’s a rectangle, but my happy snappy digital camera has a wide angle lens that’s great for pics of vacation stuff, but exagerates any tilt I have trying to photograph my quilts. Anyways, the quilt is called “Fliegenpilz 1” for the red and white mushrooms found in european forests and used as a good luck symbol here in Germany. I hope to make a few more variations, hence the numerical nomination. This is smaller than my two previous works (34 3/4″ x 54″). I had grand plans for a border of hexagons representing stacked logs, which then changed to a grand plan of tie dyed logs, which ultimately was just too much for this poor little quilt. Finally, after much throwing about of fabric, it put it’s foot down and told me that it wanted to be simple and finished. I relented, but saved all the other bits to see if maybe they want to become another quilt on their own; maybe with some arty overdyed fabric?
Fliegenpilz 1
Here’s a couple of details. It’s a mix between the forest in Traumwald and the quilting and hand stitching in Am Rand von Omas Weizenfeld. Could this be a series?

Fliegenpilz 1, detail

Fliegenpilz 1, detail

5 thoughts on “Magic Mushrooms

  1. lovely!
    the color choices are great, just feels like standing in a forest… and your handstitching is so … “equal”!

    would you mind sharing a photo of the backside? i like to see quilts from the backside, as most times only there you can really see the elaborate quilting.

  2. I really enjoyed seeing this piece 🙂 The subtle colourwash effect and the composition works very well. I can’t wait to see what you create next.

  3. Such nice colors with that bit of red. What will be next, we all wonder. I think the logs would have been too much, but then for some more is more!!

  4. Stunning composition on this piece. Did you hand marble the fabric on your lower border? It’s perfect for this piece. Very earthy. I also like how your red border extends into the left hand side. Very nice. I’m very much enjoying exploring your blog. Glad you discovered me, thank you for the comments.

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