21 May

ATCs done

Here are the finished ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). The first row are the ones I did from start to finish. The second row Susanne started, then they went to Elke and then I finished them. The last row Elke started, Susanne added on and I finished. I love them all, especially the last ones. Those colors are yummy, and though I would never have chosen to fuse circles and wedges, I was so inspired when I saw them that I knew immediately how I would finish the cards off. I think that’s the coolest part about this exchange. I love that potential of someone else doing something you’d never do, and then you get to get your hands in it too. I will consider wedges and simple geometrics more now. The last step of the exchange is for me to keep one card from each row and then send one of each to both Elke and Susanne. I’ll get one each of the one’s they are finishing off. I’ll post my nine when the others arrive, of course. BTW, you can check out more work from the group we belong to on the Texies’ blog.
My ATC work, finished

3 thoughts on “ATCs done

  1. those cards are SO beautiful!
    i like the middle row best – the grey background and the hues of pink/red… like a flower garden 🙂

    and thanks for visiting my blog – i left a comment to tell you about the pattern for my bag. if you want, we can do a swap 🙂

  2. Oh gosh Kristin, those guys are wonderful!!!

    Yeah, I think I am partial to the second row also…very, very happy!…but they are all really nice.

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