23 Jul

Shout Out

I got a card in the mail from my hubby today. He emails pretty regularly, but occasionally he sends a card just for fun. I had to stop everything and blog this one though.

Hero Card


Obviously the person who made it spent a lot of time, energy and love on it. It shows. Even if it’s not necessarily my style, I know that it was made with care. My man got it from Cards For Heroes. It was a quick “I love you” from him, but it also said so much more to me about support on the home front. It said that someone was thinking about him and all the other deployed service members too. Thank you Cards for Heroes! My soldier appreciates your work and so do I.

18 thoughts on “Shout Out

  1. I thought it was the most awesome one in the box! The group sent one of this GIANT flat-rate USPS boxes, just jammed full of all kinds of awesome cards — we were all like kids in the candy store, sifting through birthday cards, I love you cards, and so many other kinds. It was one of the neatest care packages I have seen in a long, long time.

  2. cute!
    my dh just uses the notepad (the one for the shopping list…) on the kitchen counter to occasionally leave me an “i-love-you” message.
    but he’s at home with me, so i surely won’t complain about not getting such a lovely (polka-dotted!) card.

  3. I loved seeing this. I am currently working on a card drive and this post and seeing Mr. Incredible’s comment makes me want to get double the cards I originally set my goal for.

  4. What an inspiration to help us make send more cards. Very beautiful card!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I’m working on my next shipment right now! I agree with Carmen, it is very nice to hear that they are received well.

  6. I just sent my first box of cards off to CFH and I’m so glad to read and hear stories of how they touch lives all over the world. Glad this card made you (and Mr. Incredible) smile.

  7. OK, you must frame this! And write it’s full story on the back! And keep it forever! And a hundred years from now when one of your great grandchildren comes across it in a trunk the love will still be right there in it. I do believe inanimate objects sometimes absorb spirit that lives in them as long as they exist.

    Pretty special.

  8. Thanks for sharing! Our rubber/stamp card club is having a “drive” night in August for Cards for Heroes and this is just a perfect illustration of how these cards help our soldiers and their families.

  9. Kristin,
    Thank you for blogging about the card that you received from your dh. It means SO much to those of us that contribute to CFH to hear the stories and it brought tears to my eyes this morning reading about it. Bless you and may God keep your family safe.

  10. Kristin,
    I am fairly new to CFH and have only sent 2 shipments so far, so I sooo appreciated you sharing the beautiful card you received from your hubby. It makes it all worthwhile. I definitely think you should save the card, with the history behind it. Your grandkids will thank you! Thanks for keeping all of us CFH cardmakers motivated. God Bless you and especially your special man. Hope he comes home soon.

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