20 May

ATC Swap

Remember the round robin style ATC swap I’m doing? Here’s my backgrounds:

Kristin's Background

Here’s Elke’s:

Elke's Background

And here’s Susanne’s:

Susanne's Background

So, now we each keep a third for ourselves and then send the other two thirds to the other two players. We work on the backgrounds from each other and on our own, then send the ones from the other players to the opposite players.

Here’s what I did on Elke’s background (hand dyed band and painted Lutradur sent to me by Joanna van Rittbergen, sewed on with decorative stitches and Sulky Glowy thread):

Elke's background, step 2 by Kristin

Here’s what I did on Susanne’s background (colored pencil, machine thread drawing and couched silver ribbon):

Susanne's background, step 2 by Kristin

Here’s what Susanne did on Elke’s background (free motion machine meandering, fused fabric and Spinnvlies circles and wedges):

Elke's background, step 2 by Susanne

Here’s what Elke did on Susanne’s background (silky fringy stuff, organza, tulle):

Susanne's background, step 2 by Elke

Now, we each cut these pieces into three cards each, finish them off, keep one for ourselves, and then send the other two to the other players. We will each end up with 9 cards, worked on to various extents and in various orders, by the other players (with the exceptioon of one which I have worked on myself start to finish).

On another note, today was Craft Day. TS&WGH took the kids away and my girlfriends came over to share lunch and then work on craft projects as long as we want. Here’s Sidney and Tanya sorting blocks from a UFO and preparing a quilt border, respectively:

Working hard

And Silke’s going to hate me for posting the picture with her in it, but check out the pillow cover she just made with a 3-D fabric hydrangea. This is only her fourth or fifth quilty project. We’ve hooked her!

Silke's pillow

What a wonderful day 🙂

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  1. How did Tanya get invited into the group? — she doesn’t have red hair. It is nice to see Silke.

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