21 Jul

Illuminated Aspens


Lookie what I got in the mail yesterday!! Several years ago Gerrie and I decided to swap art: I made her a creche set and she’d make me indigo aspens. Every time Gerrie would post anything with aspens I’d wonder if they’d be mine. My heart skipped a beat when she showed this one — I knew this was IT!


As soon as I opened the box, I looked around for a wall to put it on. Although most of my blue art is in the bedroom, the orange on this really wanted to be in the living room. I took down one of my pieces and held the aspens up… and then I realized that just below it were my pair of custom mod birds made by Gerrie’s talented daughter, Lisa!  Ah, perfect.

15 thoughts on “Illuminated Aspens

  1. Lovely! It fits perfectly in that space with those birds! I love how she’s incorporated solids, shibori, and commercial fabrics!

  2. Woo hoo! I loved seeing this with the birds and in your home, finally. I think I have to make another one. I love it, too. thank you for being sooo patient with me, but it had to be just the right piece for you.

  3. beautiful!
    like a moonlit night.

    now i really want to see your living room in a whole – it must be a joy to see all the bits of art everywhere! 🙂

  4. Took a peak at the creche set and love it! And love the blue aspens as well. It’s always fun to be able to display a new art piece. Congrats!

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