20 May

Fabrics, Washed

I’ve washed and ironed all my fabric from Thursday’s class and TS&WGH says I must post the obligatory stacks of finished fabric 😉

So, here’s the ones I like:


Here’s the ones I think I will overdye another day:

Still need work

Here’s a closer look at a few of my favorites:


This one, TS&WGH think looks like a retinal scan. We both think that it needs to be cut in half, and then both pieces need a bunch of hand stitching and a border of some sort, then it’s done. I used to wonder how people would come up with the ideas of what to dye or alter in some way, but now I see that a lot of it is probably experimenting with the processes and then letting the fabrics tell you what they want to be.

Retinal Scan fabric

This one wants to be a forest with a clearing through through the trees and the witch’s house from Hansel and Gretel. Just in case you can’t see the house, I’ve lightened the area around it. Again, hand stitching and buttons will clear up any confusion.

Hansel and Gretel Forest

And, finally, the money shot, Katja in her hand dyed velour dress:

Katja's hand dyed dress

3 thoughts on “Fabrics, Washed

  1. Oh, I love the retinal scan piece – it is just gorgeous and so is the forest piece. You will love the fun of overdying. Try folding and tying and stuff like that when you overdye.

    And of course I love any photo of Katja!!

  2. I love the fabrics! Even your rejects! And, I agree with your idea that one looks like a retinal scan — I’m trying to guess what sort of vision issues would be associated with them… I finished my second semester of school yesterday and am looking forward to getting back into the sewing room. I hope to make and hand quilt a queen size quilt for a 50th wedding anniversary in August…

    Glad to see that Katja’s dress fits. It looks great! She seems to really like it. What a lucky little girl! I hope she’s feeling better. Let me know if you need anything else from Dharma Trading Company.

    Thanks again for sharing.

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