29 Jun

Thanks for Asking

Terry wanted to see my sea glass necklace. I’m happy to oblige.

And since several of you were contemplating drill bits (I’m pretty sure there’s a glass and ceramic type), you might want to know that for the necklace, the artist didn’t drill at all (though she did for the wind chime/mobile thingie).

And even though no one asked, but Judy thought my food descriptions sounded tasty, here’s a picture of my hapa lomi salmon with sea asparagus (did anyone see the “Chopped” episode where they had to cook with this? I was yelling at the TV — at a cooking show! How crazy is that?). By the way, the leftovers were extra tasty with avocado.

7 thoughts on “Thanks for Asking

  1. “asparagus” sea grass…. yum. blanch it and rinse to get some of the salt out. Don’t use to much and put it in most any kind of chop salad and it is goood.

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