23 Jun


Wind Ornament, originally uploaded by Umzavi.

After several hot, hot weeks, the Trade Winds came back and made everything lovely. They blew in my Mother in Law as well and we have been slowly drifting from one activity to another. She’s a big fruit and veg eater, so on Saturday, I took her to the Farmer’s Market at KCC. Of course, since we were in the neighborhood, we had to visit my favorite two fabric/quilt shops Calico Cat and Kaimuki Dry Goods. The kids and I spent the rest of the day at a pool party. On Sunday, we went to the Waikiki Art Fest, which I discovered happens quite regularly. I was very pleased to find that it was not all ticky-tacky touristy stuff and in addition to a few gifts, I also purchased a sea glass necklace and this fantastic mobile. I love how unassuming , yet utterly charming it is. I was sold on the piece of green glass with the bit of text on it. We ate fresh Vitnamese BBQ on the lawn by the beach and later walked in the sand. On Monday my daughter and my MIL made a tote bag together with puppy patterned fabric bought on Saturday while I lunched at Orchids. Then we enjoyed pot luck and auction night with the Hawai’i Quilt Guild where we came home with mountain apples. They taste like tart pears and smell like roses. Tonight I made my own version of lomi salmon with cooked salmon (instead of traditional salt-cured), tomatoes, onions, and sea asparagus from the market. It was delicious and I think it needs a name: Hapa (half) Lomi Salmon.

We have a few more excursions planned and an inter-island cruise next week so I may or may not breeze in and out of the blog in the near future.

9 thoughts on “Breeze

  1. Nice sea glass mobile! It’s warm and windy here today, I love it.
    The farmers’ market looks wonderful.
    Have a good time with the kids and your MiL.

  2. We could use a breeze here! It has been in the high 90’s for more days than I thought possible in June….I am starting to dread August! Gorgeous mobile!

  3. I just love the wind chime. I saw it on your Flickr and gasped. You are getting to do a lot of fun things with your visitors. Will there be anything left when I finally make it?

  4. The wind chime is beautiful and I hope the trade winds are making it dance! Have a wonderful time! Cheers.

  5. Your description of Hawaiian food always tantalizes. And I love the sea glass chime. I have a small jar of glass I’ve picked up and now my brain is buzzing with how to drill tiny holes. Probably won’t get around to doing it, but would love to have it hanging out my back door.

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