17 Jun

One Block Wonder Couch Quilts

This is the first of my One Block Wonder quilts. I stayed pretty true to the book, arranging the hexagons in waves of color to my liking and adding a border. I chose a solid border color to make the quilt look more modern (I considered white for a truly modern look, but was worried about practicality).

(click to enlarge)

I kinda missed the woodland theme of the original fabric though (“Lush” by Erin Michael). So, I machine and hand embroidered a stag after I quilted the quilt. It might be a bit out there, but I really like it!

Madison the cat approves.

The above quilt and matching pillow will be a gift. I used a few more of the hexagons to make a version for our couch:

I almost bought new fabric for the backs of these quilts, but was still reeling from having used nothing from my stash on either quilt top. I did have several white duvet covers picked up at a flea market a few years ago, so I bit the bullet and dyed two to match. I’m not great at dyeing to specifics, but I’m very happy with how these turned out. The stag quilt has a solid steel blue backing, and mine has steel blue overdyed in a tie-dye pattern with olive green. My intention was to have the very geometric hexagons on the front speak somehow to the looser, organic, hexagon-ish shapes on the back.

I’m loving my coordinated couch appropriate for a quilter.

26 thoughts on “One Block Wonder Couch Quilts

  1. I’ve never been a fan of these kaleidoscope-style quilts but your examples are so elegant and stylish that I am a convert! And your dyed backings are just perfect.

  2. I’m so jealous of all your Lush. I put off buying it when it came out and now there’s none to be found.

    The hexagon quilt is beautiful.

  3. Oh juts so crisp and modern yet slightly retro and.. I used to like my sofa until I saw how good yours looks now!

  4. you really did a great job. the embroidery really makes an unusual statement on the patchwork. as usual your sense of design and color are exquisite…

  5. I like the hexagons just down the center on your couch throw with the little shots of color in strips to complement it. Great job on both of them. I suppose that is one of those patterns where you can’t help yourself and have to keep making blocks to see how the next one uses the design of the fabric.

  6. Yummo!!! The original fabric isn’t something that would have attracted me, so I really love the quilts you have made.

    The stag embroidered onto the first quilt is a magic touch.

  7. Aw, your quilts turn out so nice…they put my work to shame! And it’s also obvious to me that you put a bit more effort into your quilting art than I have done late. BUT, I did pick some cherries last night and simmer them with sugar/corn starch for a pie today. Maybe that will make up for my quilting slack??? LOL

  8. I love this quilt and the pillow is so so great too! I have some of the Lush and it’s a struggle to showcase it in a quilt for me (I make pretty scrappy quilts) and the pillow is perfect!!

  9. The embroidered stag is pretty inspired! I really like the quilt you’re keeping, too — the tie dye backing makes it even more perfect!

    I love that fabric, maybe even more once it’s cut and worked into an artistic design. With this block pattern, it’s almost like you’re getting just enough of the images to imagine what else might be there (if that makes any sense at all).

  10. Oh my gosh. This is absolutely FANTASTIC! I´ld like to have one for my birthday next year;-) Great work and it looks so perfect with the background.

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  12. Wow, your quilts are gorgeous! I’ve never thought of playing around with the one-block wonder in the ways that you have. It’s nice to see how you play with fabric–very inspiring.

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