30 Apr

Just for Katja


I’m ammending this post to include the Whiplash button because Whip-up is cool, and they would like to see everyone’s favorite hand-crafts and share the goodness. My fave is the owl softie. It’s funky looking and I love the quilt too. Besides, What’s not to like about crafts based on kids’ drawings?

Yesterday was a Katja-centered sewing day. She’s been hounding me for months to make a Snow White dress for her favorite stuffed animal Doglass. At the begining of last winter I made a “warm suit” for Doglass (basically footie pajamas made from blue fleece). So today I finally capitulated. Here’s the result:

Doglass as Snow White

A few months ago, I was inspired by a Martha Stewart Kids (winter 2005) article about making soft toys from kids’ drawings. I knew immediately what drawing needed to become a softie:
original Drawing by Katja!

All I needed was an appropriate fabic. While shopping for clown costume fabrics two weeks ago, I came across the perfect psychodelic fur (no relation to the band — I think). So, here’s the finished owl in three dimentional form, followed by the owl with it’s quilt, and the owl with Katja, who was very proud to have designed her own softie.

Furry Owl

Furry Owl with Katja's Owlz Quilt

Katja with her Furry Owl

12 thoughts on “Just for Katja

  1. Love the Owl! One of my favorite quilts is a rendition of a drawing that Shelby did when she was four. I just have to have her draw some more before she loses that child-like freedom in her drawing. This will be a keepsake forever!

  2. Wow, you have been active! So unlike me. I just cannot make up my mind what to start next. The one thing I wanted to start involves much EXACT cutting with the rotary cutter which I haven’t really done yet. Additionally, it’s a machine piece so nothing to work on in the evening in front of the telly. Same with the other one I had planned. So I might revert back to either re-attempting to hand-quilt my first ever sampler: http://quilt-o-mania.blogspot.com/2005/01/show-time.html Mind you, the wadding is cotton, argh! Or I could get a head start on a paper piecing quilt inspired by the tiling in the entryway of my former “local”, our fave pub around the corner from where we lived in Manchester.

    You see the turmoil, too much thinking, too little doing. Sigh!
    Happy German Labour Day – with no one working!

  3. Love Katja’s beautiful red hair! Love the owl softie and quilt which I am so happy to see again! Love the Snow White costume… and of course, I love love love the shopping list! You are so funny and arty to include that. I can’t believe I’m the first to have commented on it. When we meet, we must share some frapps together!

  4. Katja is just darling!!! And your owl and its quilt are great too! I love that psychadelic fur…it was worth searching for!!!

  5. Katja is a beauty and going to knock them dead with those blue eyes and red hair WOW and fantastic softie.


  6. We can make some lovely and artistic things, but only God can create true beauty like your Katja. What a joy she must be and how wonderful that you are able to have such a special relationship with her.

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