08 Oct


My children both attend german schools. Last September we moved to a new town and their new Kindergarten (3 to 6 year olds) has the cutest, atmospheric, names for each of the classrooms. My son was in the Mondschein (moonlight) group, and my daughter is now starting her second year with the Regenbogen (Rainbow) group. Last spring, because I wanted to experiment with fabric collage, and because my son was moving on to first grade, I made this quilt for the door to his classroom:

So, not to feel left out, I made one for my daughter’s group. It’s not as artsy, but from the minute I imagined quilts for the classroom doors, I thought of a bargello rainbow. The ladies at my LFS thought I was nuts buying the ugly melted sherbet fabric, but agreed it looked pretty good under the rainbow. My sister-in-law sent me $1 per yard sale fabric with kids all over it which I used under the rainbow too, and for the back. So, I gave it to my daughter’s teacher on Friday morning. She was flabergasted, and wouldn’t you know it, but she ended up showing it off, not just to the kids and the other teachers, but to all the parents and even the head priest (it’s a parochial kindergarten) at the “Singkreis” that afternoon. (A quarterly show the kids put on for all the families, where they sing a bunch of songs and maybe do a dance and finger story or two.) I didn’t expect quite so public a thank-you, but at least I know she REALLY likes the quilt 😉