27 Feb

Figure Friday

We had another snow day, but this time drawing session was cancelled. Our instructions were to draw the dog or cat at home, but I’m going to share one of my stitchy ladies.

Jilted Lover 1sm

“Jilted Lover 1″ by Kristin La Flamme 16″x 20”

She may be my favorite so far. I’ve got two more in progress though, using drawings from this session, and concentrating the embroidery on the negative spaces.


Jilted Lover det Cafe


26 Feb

Throw Back Thursday

Eight and a half years ago, I made a baby quilt for my niece using good night phrases in many languages sent to me by friends in real life and from my blog life.

Violet's Quilt

That niece obviously isn’t a baby anymore, and her room has grown and changed with her. Recently, she updated her room to a fun blue scheme, but found a way to continue to incorporate her special quilt.

Violet's room


We think the world languages on the quilt coordinate quite well with her world map. I also note a lovely use of purple as a subtle accent throughout the room (and her personal style). I like it! And I’m looking forward to being able to see Violet’s new room in person soon.

As I dug up the photo of this quilt I noticed two things: the quilt (and the rejected first try in the linked blog post) is kinda “Modern” from before “Modern” was such a big thing; and Wow, this is my tenth year blogging!

25 Feb

Knit Night

I finished my first pair of socks! And it took less than two months.

My First Socks!

All the construction details are on my Ravelry page. I basically asked my knight night friends what their favorite sock construction methods were and then used them. It probably would have been easier to just choose a pattern and follow it, but there are so many options that I really had no idea where to start in looking for a suitable pattern.

What I found out is that I like the Turkish cast-on, toe-up method because it gives a nice smooth toe and there’s no picking up stitches or grafting stitches together later. I tried a short row heel which was quick and easy, but not great for my high instep. So, when knitting for me, a gusset is the way to go. So, now I know some things I like and will look for in my next sock project. The kids have already put in requests!

Also, the socks look great with my fiber in resin earrings, so I can build an outfit based on the accessories. Ha!

20 Feb

Figure Friday

Figure Friday: Snow Day Edition

I’m sure most people are familiar with the juggling of schedules and expectations when there’s a snow day at school. I’m in the enviable position that my kids are now old enough to be able to be left home alone if they don’t have school but I still have commitments. Also, my not having a job outside the house makes me quite flexible. Most working parents, especially those of young kids just don’t have that luxury. This is the long way of me saying that because of Thursday’s Snow Day, and the unavailability of an alternate model, our scheduled model had to bring her four-year-old to our drawing session.


Snow Day 1

No problem. We’re not picky about what we get to draw. We had a G rated session and our young guest was eager to get on stage himself. Gotta draw quick though — even the most motivated Kindergartners can’t stand still for long.


Snow Day 2

Next, he let mom model, and our engenue joined the other artists in drawing.


Snow Day 3

We had a few mother son poses, and even pulled it all together for one where he was both modeling and drawing.


Snow Day 4

And finally, if our guest and his mom were modeling, then it stood to reason that others in the room should model too. These are his drawings of me on stage for the last pose. I was sitting on the floor with one leg extended, the other crossed over, and my chin on my hand with my elbow on my knee. I think he totally captured all that!

Though not our normal routine, it was a fun and challenging (in a good way) morning of figure drawing. I won’t go so far as to say “bring on the snow days,” but I’m totally OK with “bring your kid to drawing group” days.

18 Feb

Knit Night

I had some technical difficulties knitting this Bubbles and Baubles shawl by Tori Gurbisz. No fault of the pattern designer — I was just twisting my stitches but didn’t realize it because I’m not quite there yet in my “reading” of my knitting. I’m better now and I may even knit this pattern again a la the Reversible Circles of Lace scarf.

Bubbles and Baubles Shawl


In the mean-time, I still like the shawl and wear it often — particularly with my favorite “I’m an Artist” tunic. As with my other cotton shawls, I seem to do better wearing them like scarves. Also, like so many of my knits, this is Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton yarn. Not scratchy. Love it!

Bubbles and Baubles scarf

16 Feb

Blorange Done

My Scrappy Trips Around the World quilt is done. You may remember it from this post, where I was trying to use up leftovers from my pixelated Selfie portrait, but needed to restrain the colors a bit to keep it from getting too ugly.

Blorange Quilt

That said, it’s still pretty much a scrap vomit quilt. I do like the insert of the smaller squares here and there!

Blorange Quilt


It was supposed to be just blues and oranges (brown counts as dark orange) but I needed one more column, so I allowed purples. As far as I’m concerned it’s a utilitarian bed quilt and I’ll never worry about anything that happens to it. I also used it as my first big long arm quilting practice. I used the pantograph method where I’m moving the machine head to follow a pattern indicated on a screen. I’m actually wobblier trying to follow a line on a screen than I am “drawing” directly on the quilt, but it was good practice and I definitely wasn’t ready to quilt this big a quilt completely freehand. Oh, and yes, I did have the rug above the bed in mind while I was making this quilt — I thought the diamond in the rug pattern and the diamond in Trip Around the World would speak to each other nicely.



Blorange back

The back is most of the body print tests I did for “Exposed,” my TSA inspired quilt that is currently in the Privacy in America show. The back is much more sedate, but all those ghostly bodies on the bed kinda freaks me out.

13 Feb

Figure Friday

This week’s session was good. We had one of my favorite models — the one who dresses up and inspires me to infuse stories into my drawings. No dressing up today, but lots of twisty, fun, challenging poses to draw.

Figure Drawing 2.12.15

Figure Drawing 2.12.15


It was almost like I had spent all week with this model. I’ve been working on transforming some of my drawings into stitched versions. This one isn’t her:

Clean Sweep sm

Clean Sweep, 20″x 20″

But this one is:

Kitchen Superhero Stitched sm

Kitchen Superhero, 11″x 14″


This one is her too:



I’m not sure where these stitched drawings are leading, but it was an idea I needed to pursue. I’m trying to finish this last one (the original drawing is one of the Jilted Lovers with a knife) in time to submit to Fantastic Fibers at the Yeiser Art Center in Kentucky.



After that I’ll need to focus my attention on updating my web site. if things are wonky here next week, just know it’s me futzing around and things should get back to normal soon — hopefully with additional galleries of my more recent work!

11 Feb

Knit Night

Metalurgy Cowl

The purple and the green! What a nice bonus that the purple stripes on my T-shirt look great with my favorite cowl. I love the simple, but not too simple, cabled pattern of this Metallurgy Cowl by Nin Leavitt. I also love love love the hand dyed silk and alpaca yarn that I knit it with. It’s from my sort-of local yarn dyer Taylored Fibers and it’s divine.