23 Aug




This month’s theme on The Sketchbook Challenge blog is Journeys. You’d think that with all the traveling and visitors we’ve had this summer, I’d have a sketchbook full of journey drawings, but no. Instead, I’ve shared a journey of a different type. I use my sketchbooks most often as a step along the way from idea to finished art. With my show coming up, it seemed apropos to share Army Wife-related notes and thumbnails. So, go get a peek at my messy sketchbook pages and the finished textile narratives they led to¬†here.

20 Aug

The Army Wife at McGuffey Art Center

This is it — the big one! An entire gallery filled with my Army Wife series. I have been imagining this show for probably four years now. I am both nervous and excited to invite everyone who can to come see the show during the month of September. Opening night is First Friday, the 6th, which should be great fun as all of McGuffey celebrates the new art hung in all it’s spaces each month. I’m also giving an artist’s talk on Sunday the 15th in which I hope to offer some insights to my processes and inspirations. Come see the show!

MAC postcard email

13 Aug

Zeitgeist at the World Quilt Show



This is the weekend! See Zeitgeist in the cloth at

World Quilt Show New England

August 15 – 18
Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 10am 0 6pm
Sunday from 10am – 4pm

At the Radisson Center of New Hampshire
700 Elm Street
Manchester, NH 03101


There are lots of other special exhibits, and vendors at the show too.

Unfortunately, I’m not up for the long drive to get there, but hopefully some more notheasterly friends and family will go be my stunt doubles.

08 Aug

That Went by Quick

Summer got the best of me blog wise. I blame Facebook too. I post things on the run on Facebook and my brain thinks I’m therefore done. I have not taken the time to write a more complete story, nor have I taken decent photos in a long while. Here’s what I have been up to:


Monticello Bunting

Deborah and her family came to visit us shortly after the 4th of July. We went to Monticello, of course, and lunch in Charlottesville’s charming downtown. I’ll miss having such a good and compatible friend nearby now that she’s relocated to Texas.


Cville Wall

A week later, I went to the Sacred Threads show and my family spent the day in DC with my cousin and his family. Then they came to our house and we all went to Monticello. We had lunch Downtown, and the kids played a lot. The photo above is C’Ville’s monument to the Second Amendment. Anyone can write anything on this giant public chalkboard. It’s great fun and people seem to respect it.


cupcake wrappers

Then we spent a week in Oregon with family. My mom and her husband live near Eugene’s downtown so we walked to a treat each day — cupcakes, ice cream, donuts, waffles, fresh berries from the farmer’s market!


Chalk narwhal

My kids charmed their younger cousins. By the way, this is a narwhal with a pink mustache.


Gryphon carousel

The kids and a few adults took the train to nearby Albany and we all visited the amazing Carousel Studio. It’s an amazing community project and I can’t wait to return and see its progress. I also took a side trip to Portland by train to visit my quilt mom, Gerrie and quilt aunt Terry. It was great to talk for hours and catch up on all that we are doing.



After Oregon, we returned home and were visited by our neighbors (and boy child’s best girl friend from Kindergarten) from Germany, who now live in their homeland, Switzerland. It was great to see them and catch up with all the kids who are so much taller and more grown-up now! We went to Monticello and then had lunch Downtown.




After our Swiss friends left to continue their road trip, we hopped in the car to attend a family reunion in Connecticut. We stayed near Hartford and one of hubby’s cousins arranged for a tour of the capitol and historic arch. We all had great fun together laughing, reminiscing, eating, and drinking lots of tasty beer.



Speaking of laughing, girl child and I made a side trip to Bridgeport to see Jane in her new studio and meet up with good friends Natalya and Vivien. I think we laughed non-stop for about two hours. It was great to catch up with these fun and talented ladies. I can’t quite believe that just a week prior, I was on the other side of the country with a complimentary group of art quilters.


Next, I will be going to the Hampton, VA area to present my trunk show to the Peninsula Piecemakers Guild and visit with a guild friend from Hawaii. I think I’ll take the kids and we’ll tour Colonial Williamsburg while we’re in the area. Then the kids go back to school, I hang my show, and boom, it’s September.