28 May

On a Series

It’s my turn to post on the 8 That Create blog, and today I mused about working in a series. Read it here.

I also forgot to mention my post on The Sketchbook Challenge. It’s something of a series too (a little one). Bowls three ways.

26 May

Off Kilter

I’ve been a pretty bad blogger of late. Somehow things are a bit off kilter. It may be in part to just not being on the computer much these days. I can check Facebook and email from my phone, and I don’t share that with the kids, so it’s just easier. (There was a 24 hour hiatus in the middle of writing this post due to having to share.) Once I’ve scrolled through FB and made a few comments, I feel like I’ve done my communing with the world and I usually forget all about blogging. Having lost the totally convenient feed bar on my browser, I signed up for Feedly. It works pretty well, but since I have to go to it, rather than it staring me in the face. I often end up not going. So, I’m not reading so many blogs, which is cutting down on my computer time. Then Flickr went and changed it’s whole interface. I’m sure I’ll figure it out, but it’s just so in your face and loud that I don’t enjoy being there anymore — and so I don’t go, which cuts down my time on the computer. Part of me feels good that I’m spending less time on the computer, but it doesn’t seem to equate to more studio time, so I’m just feeling “off.”

I think I’ve given up on the self portrait project. It was just too much to ask of myself given other wants and commitments. I’m a little disappointed in myself that I couldn’t follow through on that one, but I’m not missing it either.

I’ve been spending a lot of time embroidering my latest Army Wife apron. It’s been something of a black hole, but I will see it through, and finally I’m seeing a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. I think that this is where all my time is disappearing since it’s hard to see progress.

I had a bit of a setback with Zeitgeist which bummed me out. I’m having it quilted by a professional long arm quilter (who I am paying) and that makes it ineligible for entry into the International Quilt Festival’s World of Beauty show (Houston). I was really looking forward to the large audience that show offers. I had a little pity party for Grumps and I, but then I asked my FB friends what to do and they reminded me of some other relatively high traffic shows. New England Quilt Festival not only allows work for hire on quilts, they have space to credit the quilter if he/she is different than the quilt maker. Yay! The show is coming up super quick, so Zeitgeist can hopefully go to New England AND still apply for one or two art quilt shows as well. I am feeling heaps better now that that setback is solved.

My other setback involves the Marriage Equality Quilt. Thinking big means potentially stepping on people’s toes, and I don’t want to do that. I need to rethink my website and project so that I don’t violate Human Rights Campaign’s logo rights. I think this will still work, but I’m stepping back for a bit while I contemplate what to do. The quilt is done and beautiful though.

Marriage Equality quilt picnic

(Click to see it bigger)

Meanwhile, Absence II and Aquifer are looking great at Riverviews Artspace (Craddock-Terry Gallery) in Lynchburg. They’ll be on display until June 16th. SAQA’s Beyond Comfort show, in which I have three Army Wife aprons, is at it’s last venue: Texas A&M University, J. Wayne Stark Galleries, College Station, Texas, May 23 – August 18, 2013. So that cheers me up! OK, off to embroider some more.

22 May


Not much to post about here. I’m still making french knots on an Army Wife apron. I may have slipped into a bit of entropy. The apron is moving sloooooooowly, and so nothing else is moving either.

Nonentity WIP

Maybe I just need to take a break from the social media… which leads me to some things I’ve been thinking about.

A few weeks ago, I was privy to the tail end of a conversation about religion. Person One said that he believed everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and should practice whatever religion they want (so long as they don’t force it upon anyone else). Person Two said yes, she believes that God is the way and the love and that the bible is the truth, but she doesn’t hold anything against anyone who believes otherwise. I thought to myself, no these aren’t the same. One posits that each person may have their own truth, and that these different truths are nonetheless equal. The other posits that there is one truth and the others are wrong, though she’ll tolerate them.

I’d like to say that my beliefs are more in line with Person One. There are so many religions in the world, I find it impossible to believe that only one can be correct. I think that truth is relative to the needs of the believers. But then I got to thinking about other instances of truth and fiction, specifically the liberal and conservative schism in American politics. I am a liberal and tend to believe what the Democratic side is saying and trying to accomplish. I think that for the most part the conservatives have been misguided of late. Oops — now I’m thinking like Person Two. It is terribly wrong and unfair for me to think that my politics are right and those of my conservative friends and acquaintances are somehow wrong. Their beliefs are right for them. People have as much right to believe that Obama is a socialist as I have to believe that America is an oligarchy.

So here’s the hard part. It’s relatively easy for people in the USA to practice whatever religion they want in the privacy of their own home or place of worship. A pretty visible line can be drawn between not showing preference to one religion in public places like municipal government or public schools, yet allowing it in private places like homes, parochial schools, churches and temples. But how does a country deal with relative truths when it comes to providing for the society as a whole? Is it possible to draw lines between governing liberally here but conservatively there? How can federal government effectively meet the needs and desires of both Red states and Blue ones when they are nearly opposed? Is compromise possible when people are less willing to put up with less than getting their way?

Political scientists have my sympathy.

10 May


I admit it — I am prone to procrastination. Right now I have no hard and fast deadlines, but I still have plenty I could and should be doing. Am I using my time wisely and working towards my goals though? No.  Here’s a run-down of the main things I am thinking about right now:

  • Zeitgeist: it’s at the long arm quilter, hopefully getting all prettied up. There’s nothing I can do right now, but when she’s done with it I think I need to pull something like an all-nighter to bind it, photograph it, and burn a disc with all pertinent info to then overnight to IQF for the World of Beauty May 30th deadline. I can do this.
  • The Marriage Equality Quilt: It’s done! I hope to photograph it today and I’ve been plugging away at a website for it. I hate the technical code monkey part of projects like this so I naturally procrastinate. My awesome cousin-in-law (is that a real title?) is excited to be my first quilt family and has an event in August she’d like to take it to, so I think that’s on cruise control in the background for a month or two. Of course, not needing to have the website done for another month gives me opportunity to drag my heels which I shouldn’t do, but probably will since, as I said above, I am prone to procrastination. Must fight natural impulses.
  • The Army Wife: I still don’t know if this will be the year I get a turn in the McGuffey gallery or not. I could put together a show at the last minute just fine, but I do have at least three things I would like to finish/create if I have the time. If I use my time wisely (like work on these projects instead of frittering away time on Facebook or knitting) I could totally do it. The big ones: embroider a bajillion french knots on the Non-entity apron, finish embroidering the Service Star quilt and mount it on stretcher bars and then paint it, and create a “Suck it Up and Drive On” medallion quilt.

Meanwhile, when I have five minutes, instead of embroidering, I find myself knitting a few rounds on a sweater I’ve started. I thought knitting a sweater would be one of those forever projects, but I made a sleeve in just over a week so now I’m all excited that I could realistically have this done by next winter. Squirrel!

06 May

SDA Show

We went to opening night at the Craddock-Terry Gallery in Riverviews Artspace and it was well worth the drive! The gallery space is gorgeous. All the artists in this show are members of the Virginia and West Virginia region of Surface Design Association. The curator chose works as a survey, so there was no overall theme or size requirements — just good work. She did admit to having a preference for works with a strong narrative, and maybe a penchant for the color blue, but overall, there was a nice range of technique, scale, and mood.

SDA Show at Craddock-Terry Gallery, Lynchburg, VA

SDA Show at Craddock-Terry Gallery, Lynchburg, VA

SDA Show at Craddock-Terry Gallery, Lynchburg, VA

SDA Show at Craddock-Terry Gallery, Lynchburg, VA

I’m kicking myself that I forgot to bring my good camera because Absence II is finally in a space that can accommodate it’s size. I may have to go back during the day to photograph it.

Exhibition Dates: May 3 – June 16, 2013

Craddock Terry Gallery at Riverviews Artspace
901 Jefferson Street, #113, Lynchburg VA, 24504
Wed-Sun: noon-5pm