30 May

My Favorite Cup

Another drawing. This time the prompt was to draw something from memory and then compare the drawing to the actual object. The drawing from memory part was easy as most everything here is gone. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do the comparison part until we unpack in July. It’ll be something to look forward to.


Something I’m noticing as I’ve been drawing more, is that, while they are reasonably skillful drawings, there’s nothing about them that says that I drew them. They seem very generic and student-like to me. Perhaps that is all they need to be — these are just exercises after all. But, it would be nice to have some sort of style or substance that made them more “me.” I’m expecting that that comes with more drawing.

27 May

Still Life With What’s Left

Not much going on here. The house is basically empty and the rest of our errands and wrapping up stuff isn’t for another day or two. Plenty of time then to make a drawing for Terry. Later today we’re having a Bring Your Own Chair BBQ. Hopefully we’ll use up some of those condiments in the fridge. Everyone goes home with opened containers of cleaning supplies as parting gifts too!


26 May

An Experiment

The move is well on it’s way now. One car and all our belongings (except the luggage we’ll have with us) are packed and on their way. Here’s what our living room looked like three days ago:

What may or may not be obvious is that my computer is one of the items packed away which I won’t see again until mid-July. So, my experiment is whether or not I can blog from my iPhone. Sure, hubby’s got a laptop and an iPad, and the kids share an iPad, but they are busy reading books and watching movies on those devices, and the things like mail and Facebook are set to their settings. My phone is mine, and has all my apps and settings, so why not give it a try?!

I could easily access my nifty new WordPress blog/site with Safari, but grabbing code from Flickr didn’t work like on my computer. No worries, hubby reminds me that there’s an app for that! I downloaded the WordPress app, and look, I’m blogging from my iPhone, complete with access to my photos here! There was a moment when I had to go to the web version to change a setting and hubby offered his laptop with it’s bigger screen, but in the spirit of the experiment, I used the phone for that too!


And in the spirit of even more experimentation, I’m going to join penpencilpaperdraw in drawing more and try to keep up here on the blog, on the road. these favorite “slippers” of mine are made for walking. Let’s see how far we get.

20 May

Decisions, Decisions

Obviously, with there being a good month between here and there, I’m going to need a project or two to work on. Ideally, this should be small enough (and with TSA approved components) to travel on a plane, yet with large enough bits that I can work on it in the bouncy environment of a plane or car. It should also be something already in the queue — not something completely new. Here’s what I’m considering:

Road Trip Project option 1
The crochet afghan inspired by one my great grandmother made. TSA and car-friendly, especially as I can work on it without my reading glasses. Awfully bulky to carry through an airport though. Maybe I mail it to my aunt at our first stop and work on it in the car as we drive cross country.

Road Trip Project option 2
The Service Flag quilt which keeps getting set aside because of higher priority projects and because it’s too big to be easily portable. This project will have to get packed up and I’ll see it on the other end in July.

Road Trip Project option 3
The next Apron in my series. I think I know what I want to do with it, but I’m not quite sure, and I haven’t had time to try things out. If I can steal some time this afternoon to make a few decisions and do a little prep work, this might offer some good handwork for the trip. Except that beads and sequins might not be especially practical for a traveling project…

Road Trip Project option 4
This cross stitch table runner I started probably 10 years ago, is perfectly small and portable, but I’m not sure I can count squares on that dark fabric in the poor light of a plane or car, even with my reading glasses. I may pack it just in case. It might work for evenings in hotels and friends’ houses.

Road Trip Project option 5
The universally accepted travel project: English Paper Piecing. Usually hexagons, mine is pentagons, diamonds and triangles. It’s not great in bumpy environments, but it’s not bad either. This will probably come along.

Road Trip Project option 6
Finally, the project I probably should be pulling together, the next Twelve by Twelve challenge. During most of the time allotted for this challenge, I have been focused on my website rebuild and our impending move, then we’ll be on the road. I won’t be able to give it the thought I usually do, but I have an initial idea I can make travel friendly. I think that’s probably a better plan than skipping this theme altogether.

19 May

On to Another Move

So now that I’ve moved/updated my website, I can focus on moving the rest of our life. At the end of May, we will be leaving Hawai’i and heading across the great expanse of the United States to our next home in Virginia. Two weeks ago, a small (200 pounds) shipment of things we’d need first, like bedding, some clothes, and basic kitchen supplies (plus some games and the kids’ scooters), got packed up and sent ahead. We are finishing up things like K’s participation in the Hawai’i Youth Symphony (a wonderful program BTW), and my kick boxing class. The kids’ last day of Taekwondo is Monday. A tired old rug and recliner went away on the last bulk trash day. On Tuesday, we dropped off my car at the vehicle processing center and it should now be on it’s way to Los Angeles where we will meet it for the next phase of the adventure.

Today we tried to lighten our load with a garage sale. There was disappointingly few customers, but we did manage to sell two big pieces in our futon and fish tank. All the little stuff we loaded into the mini and took to Goodwill. Then off to the dump to ditch a cute, but distressed desk (we won’t be here on the next bulk trash day), and then made an appointment with the Salvation Army to come pick up two dressers next week.

The real excitement starts Tuesday when the packers come to wrap, box, inventory, and load all our household goods into huge wooden crates to be put on a ship and sent away to our new home. We are on the move!

15 May


I think I’ve got it! There are a few more refinements to be made, and a few things I don’t love, but can’t change, but here it is — my newly renovated website and blog. Click around and check it out (feel free to let me know if you run across any egregiously messed-up links, as I know they are lurking all over the place). Please take a look at the galleries. They are my favorite, and finally, all the Army Wife ladies are in one place! My old blog will stick around for a while as random things still link over there, but this should be my new home now.

15 May

Under Construction

Please bear with us while we change a few things around here. Like most renovations, it will get worse before it get’s better, and there have been (many) unexpected setbacks. But, it should be nice when it’s done.

07 May

Do I Really NEED a Website?

My new website was looking pretty good. Until it wasn’t. In trying to finesse a few things with some custom code (of which I know next to nothing), I may have lost a bunch of work that I’ve been doing over the last month. This whole process has become a two steps forward, one step back kind of thing. Sometimes, like last night it’s one step forward, two steps back. Oh, and yes, I’m kicking myself for not having backed up as I went.

But, all this frustration with building what I want (design habits die hard, even though my inner code monkey knows I can’t handle it) makes me wonder why I bother at all. Do I really NEED a website? Sure, it’s nice to see my work all together in neatly packaged online galleries, but are there that many people who want to take a gander? I use tags in my blog posts, so one could pull up work just by using the lovely search button in my blog sidebar.

Websites are great for my friends and peers who have services to offer like classes and books and kits and things. You need a place where readers can easily find those things and sign up or order or check prices and availability. But I don’t really do workshops, and my work isn’t the kind that anyone says, “ooh, I want to learn how to make that!” nor does it lend itself to kits or technique tutorials.

My current website no longer reflects where I am, and I’ve been wanting to update it for over a year. My new website is driving me nuts trying to get what’s in my head out on screen. So, in an effort to have some closure, and get back to the actual artmaking, I’m wondering why I shouldn’t just remove the website aspect, choose an acceptable WordPress Theme for my blog, plug in my pretty new header, and move on with life? Or delete it all and just have a Facebook fan page?