28 Feb

A Little Touristy Diversion

The kids and I have spent the last two weeks entertaining guests — my MIL and her husband. This, of course, means we’ve been exploring the Islands again.

We hiked to Manoa Falls:
Manoa Falls Hike

We visited the Mighty Mo:
The Mighty Mo and the Arizona Memorial

We went to Maui and saw whales:
Maui Whalewatching

…especially mamas and babies, like this little one sticking it’s head out of the water:
Maui Whale Watching

The human kids were in charge of the underwater mic so we could hear the whales sing:
Jr Oceanographers

We went to Twin Falls off the road to Hana (the two wahine under the fall are me and Robin who, along with a wonderful gaggle of kids, joined us for the day):
Twin Falls Hike

And we went to the peak of Haleakala, where we were truly above the clouds:
Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa from Haleakala

Now our guests are wending their way back to the frigid Mainland, and I am preparing for the next wave.

23 Feb

Twelve by Twelve Book is Nearly Here!

I have been severely remiss in promoting the book Twelve by Twelve: The International Art Quilt Challenge, which I co-authored with my other Twelve by Twelve compatriots.

However, our publisher, Lark Books, has been busy featuring each of us in turn on their blog, Lark Crafts. So, check out Twelve Days of Twelves for interviews with each Twelve, as we lead up to the official release of our book.

16 Feb

Aloha Pineapple Progress


Project Introduction here

Part 1 (supplies) here.

Part 2 here.

Part 3 here.

Part 4 here.

We are making progress. In order to make a lap/crib sized quilt with 63 blocks in ten weeks, we estimated that we should be making ten blocks a week. That should give us some time to add a border and finish up the quilts. We’re not exactly on schedule (myself included) but we are all picking up speed and confidence in making these blocks.

And, I remembered my camera this time!

Lynne has a bunch of small prints she’d like to use up. She also has a recipient in mind, who would like this softer palette instead of a bright one like mine.

Jason is happily cutting up all his Aloha shirts. He had a revelation that though he loves them very much, he’ll be able to enjoy them more as a quilt than hanging in his closet where he never wears them. Look closely and you’ll see that he’s also arranging every other four block set so the corners meet with the same fabric. It will add a secondary focal point to the quilt and the bright block centers.

Katie chose black for a man-friendly quilt. Her rainbow inspired color combinations are showing up beautifully against the black background!

Kathleen and Deb are showing off their first finished blocks. They were both slow to get started, but now they’ve got the hang of it and are sure to return next week with piles of finished blocks.

Now I need to go make some more blocks and catch up with my industrious students.

11 Feb


Last week I did a little purging. I’m half way through getting four boxes of reject photos down to two — or maybe even one. I also bit the bullet and emptied a box of fabric. All my army uniforms for cutting up had been in a pile on the top of my drawers of fabric, but now they have a box of their very own. So what did I do with the fabric originally in teh box?


I packed it up and sent it to Iraq as part of IBOL3, a pet project of my husband’s (and an ever growing group of like-minded people).


IBOL Guy is looking to collect 500 large flat rate boxes of sewing supplies (and maybe some knitting stuff too) for a special ice-breaker type project with local Iraqi army and federal police units.

If you are interested in participating (and I hope you are), head on over to the IBOL website for more details.

10 Feb

What I’d Rather Be Doing

It seems all my current tasks require me to sit in front of the computer. Even though I’m actually doing things I’ve been asked to do, or are required to do, I always think that if I’m on the computer I must be wasting time. Must come from telling my kids to get away from screens. So, I alternate screen time with this:

Work in Progress

… which is a continuation of this.

07 Feb

Aloha Pineapple Quilt Along: part 4


Project Introduction here

Part 1 (supplies) here.

Part 2 here.

Part 3 here.

Today’s will be a short post. I had grand plans of showing off everyone’s progress, but I forgot both my camera and my phone with it’s camera.

Here’s my own progress though:

Aloha Pineapple Log Cabin

And DianeY’s progress (since she’s following along online and emailed me her photo). Check out those cute little pineapples in the center of each block:

The rest of the class has a wonderful variety — Kathleen’s has a beachy feel, Katie’s is bold and jewel toned, Deb’s reminds me of a hula festival, and Jason’s is a quilt version of a Kahala or Reyn Spooner shirt.

A couple of tips we discovered along the way:

• when trimming up for the next round, look for the line where your stitching converges in a corner or almost-corner.
• if your fabrics are bunching up when you start sewing, use a longer strip that extends beyond the feed dogs.
• Jason, Katie and Deb like to work each round by sewing fabrics on opposite sides. Kathleen prefers to work each round clockwise.
• paper piecing is for people who can’t sew straight!

Next week we’ll have more to show — I promise!