06 Dec

Inspiration Sun, no, Monday/Tuesday

I’ve been piddling my time away. Getting stuck at the computer and not really accomplishing much, or at least much tangible. So, I’m a day late on Inspiration Sunday, and I’ve got no lines drawn. I wasn’t in a line-y mood today. I’ve been coming up short on the inspiration photo thing too, It’s not that I’m not inspired, it’s just that inspiration is not always in photo format. Sometimes it is, but I don’t have a camera with me. Sometimes it’s there, but I don’t recognize it until later — after I’ve had a chance to digest it, or attach it to something meaningful. Sometimes, the inspiration is just not a tangible thing. It is as often as not, a feeling, or emotion. As I work on my Army Wife Apron series, the inspiration is all about a state of mind. War Sucks was definitely inspired by a feeling.

Anyway, my inspiration this time around was one of those back of the mind ones. Wrapping things in leaves is somewhat common in Hawaii. Laulau is a dish steamed in a leaf wrapper. Offerings in a leafy pouch are left at sacred places. So when I wanted to sew up some samples with the taro themed fabric I designed, I chose a pouch shape rather than a clutch or a tote. Not that my work is sacred like a ho’okupu, but I think it would make a nice gift (makana).

And, on the subject of gifts, my Quilt Mom Gerrie sent me a fun one “just because.”

She visited a wonderful arts festival and thought of me when she saw this glass mushroom (by Kurumi Conley). She sent me some fun fabric too. Yay!

I sent a gift too. My friend Deborah not so recently relocated and I wanted to welcome her to her new home. Obviously a house quilt was in order, but I decided a pillow would be cozier than wall art.

She’s reported that it’s jazzing up a somewhat boring beige couch (as opposed to the boring white couch at my house where I took this picture).

04 Dec

Lines 23 and 24

More seems like more to me with the fake spirograph. I didn’t have a wide enough variety of marker weights in sepia, so I just used what I had and kept it as neutral as possible. (Purple’s a neutral, right? It goes with everything.)

Lines 23 -- now with more spirograph!

Today, I was ready to mix it up a bit and combined the Spirograph with some general doodling. I dub thee Sprirodoodle. I like it best of all.

Lines 24 -- Spirodoodle

02 Dec

Lines 22

Lines 22 -- spirograph and PITT pen

I unearthed the spirograph thingies in my kids’ stuff today and thought, “if this doesn’t say ‘lines‘ I don’t know what does.” Fabric is not the optimal surface for spirographing as it wants to stretch an pucker a bit, but the skipped lines do add a bit of character.

01 Dec

Lines 21

Lines 21

There are lines in my yard. Admiring others’ negative space studies, I decided to use the lines of a palm tree to help create the shape of the red ginger plant. I also tried for a bit of foreground, middle ground, background thang.