19 Jun

I’m Still Here (sort of)

I’m starting to feel bad about all my vacation photo posts on what’s intended to be an art and craft blog. With all the beaches and adventures in paradise, you’d think I don’t make art anymore. Lucky for me, I still do. I just haven’t been very communicative of late. Nothing dramatic, just an introspective period.

I can say a few things though. First, thank you all very much for voting on my Tiki Toile fabric at Spoonflower. It didn’t even make it into the Top 10, but it was fun to play anyway. I received my sample fat quarter too. The background triangles are a lot lighter than they appeared onscreen, so I’ll be adjusting that some day, but I’m ecstatic about the drawings. Overall, I love this fabric. I laid awake one night wondering if I should make living room or bedroom curtains in Tiki Toile…

I have been working a LOT on a series of art quilts that I hope to enter into a show that is one of my “big goals.” I can’t share the work yet, nor am I sure I’d want to since it’s still in progress and bound to evolve along the way. But, that’s where I’m spending a lot of my time when I’m not off traveling somewhere.

Speaking of traveling and fabric, we saw this adorable vintage mushroom fabric at an antique shop on the Big Island and it had to come home with me.

I’ve got some challenge pieces to post about too, but I’ll save them for another day. Only 10 days(ish) until the next Twelve by Twelve reveal! And, a Keep It Simple Stupid challenge from Dijanne that I loved working on, even though I was a very bad participant (being uncommunicative and all).

11 Jun

Hawai’i Weekend

So the weekend after we were on Kauai, we turned around and went to the Big Island of Hawai’i. It was supposed to be the kids and hubby meeting me there after four days at Quilt Hawaii, but I got the month wrong. With time off of work, we decided to go anyway and check out all things lava.

We stayed at Kilauea Military Camp in Volcanoes National Park. If you are military, this is the way to go. The beds sucked, as did the restaurant on site, but staying in a cabin with a full kitchen and two rooms was way better than a cramped hotel room.  We cooked some meals at “home” and went out for others and it worked great. Besides, we were literally steps from this:

And from the Jaggar museum at night, you could see that steam glow just like a witch’s cauldron. Although the volcano has been erupting for something like 26 years and it is currently spewing ash from this crater and lava from a lava tube outside the park, there was absolutely nothing going on the weekend we were there. We had taken the plunge and booked a lava boat tour as it was the best way to see lava, but there was nothing at water’s edge on our day. We did get to see some wonderfully weird cooled lava formations though.

The tour guys were very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic, so it was a good trip even without the red hot stuff. We learned all about lava tubes and then found a collapsed one to explore in nearby MacKenzie State park:

We also visited Thurston Lava Tube back in Volcanoes NP. The kids and I walked through it while on our inter-island cruise last summer and were very excited to share the experience with daddy.

Weird shapes abound:

The lava makes a great palette too. We drove down Chain of Craters Road to the petroglyph field. Everything along the way was amazing.

There was a honu (sea turtle) on the black sand beach too. Actually, there were quite a few — one basking and several swimming.

Honu wasn’t the only one who basked.

All in all, it was a fun weekend and great to explore more of our surroundings. For teh curious, there’s more photos on Flickr.

01 Jun

Kauai Weekend

I marvel at the industriousness of my fellow bloggers who stay on task completing projects, swaps, challenges and entering shows and publishing things. My story, and I’m sticking to it, is that I’m just on permanent vacation. There’s far too many shiny distracting things in this life!

Like pretty beaches.

Friends to visit.

Gifts to give. And beach parties.

Canoe races to watch.


Geckos to catch.

Books to read.

Holes to dig. Pools to swim in. Oceans to float in.

Hikes to hike.

Sights to see.


And Nene.

Movie locations.

Zip lines to zip!