07 Oct



I’ve spent the past few days sewing labels and sleeves on my 12×12 quilts in preparation for exhibition! All 144 quilts from our first 12 challenges will be traveling to Australia:

As of yet, we don’t have any US venues, but who knows what the future will bring.

The group is also continuing on with another round of twelve challenges — this time focused on color. I’m looking forward to another two years of working with this fun and supportive group.

My favorite back? The fish fabric. It doesn’t match the front, but ties in conceptually.

05 Oct

Playing Tour Guide

It’s so much fun to meet blog friends in real life!

Natalya and her hubby are enjoying a Hawaiian vacation and since we’ve been following each other’s blogs and exchanging artwork for a few years, it seemed only natural to meet up.

The kids voted to take them to The Polynesian Cultural Center. I had hoped to to stop at the Pali Lookout on the way from Waikiki to the Windward side of the island, but as often happens, clouds were snagged on the top of the mountains and there was nothing to see. Unfortunately, there was nothing to see at the Polynesian Center either as I didn’t bother the see if they were open on Sundays or not!

Oh well, there’s a nice scenic view/historic-ish point nearby, so we went there (Laie Point) for a photo op (her post has better pics).

Since we were half way around the island with nothing to do, I figured Plan B would be to go to the cute/touristy town of Haleiwa on the North Shore. Natalya had heard that the shrimp trucks on the island were good, so snce we were in teh shrimp truck neighborhood, we stopped at to Romy’s, a shack that appears to grow their own shrimp out back. Tasty!

Since non of us are really beach people, I decided that instead of Sunset Beach, we’d go uphill and check out an ancient temple (heiau) I’d seen signs for.

Pu’u O Mahuku wasn’t much more than the rocks defining the space (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but the views were gorgeous!

We could look down on Waimea Bay too. I don’t think my guests were convinced that winter brings ten foot waves though, as the beaches were as smooth as glass.

We finished up the tour with shave ice (because the kids and I can’t go to the Haleiwa without getting shave ice).

I’m afraid Natalya’s husband didn’t get a word in edge-wise, even if he had wanted to, but it was so much fun to have the conversation flow so easily between her and I. They are off to Maui now, but I get one more day with Natalya next week. It’s on Birthday Party day, but maybe we can show her another sight as well — and this time I’ll choose something open!