31 Oct

A Little Bribery

When we rented our current house, I was sold on the laminate floors and awesome back yard. What we didn’t realize was that the house came with some pretty cool neighbors too.

Short story is that our neighbor Taylor was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes shortly after we moved in. And because she and her family have been such fun to play with, such easy-going neighbors, and invited us to join the taekwondo dojang they belong to, we want to support them too. The entire dojang has rallied to walk in support of diabetes research on November 14th and has set high goals for money raised and walkers walking in support of Taylor.

So to entice you to support team “Taylor Kickin’ Diabetes” I will mail a one of a kind, fiber art postcard to anyone who makes a donation of any size. Click here for my walker page. You could email me or leave a comment too.

Let’s kick some diabetes butt!

28 Oct

Not Much Progress

My mom likes the house collages I’ve been making lately. She requested one that could be used as a pillow cover, and sent me a box of wonderful laces, linen, and upholstery fabric.

bits and bobs

I have a few other things I’d like to work on first — which is probably a good thing, because I can’t get to the box of  lace and fabric right now:

cat in a box

26 Oct

Some Crafty Stuff

Sometimes the crafty community just blows me away. First it’s just that there’s so much totally cool stuff out there, but then there’s the connections and generosity too. I’m not very demonstrative, so you won’t see me jumping into lots of swaps or give-aways, so that makes random generosity even more amazing.

All I did was comment on Art Spirit’s Flickr photo that I loved her little mushroom pins and look what she sent me! How cool is that?!

In other crafty news, I wanted to try making my own machine embroidery for a patch, so I used a scrap of the fabric I made with my kids’ drawings as a base, and gave it a whirl.

I thought it turned out so well I had to make something out of it. Now it’s a little voodoo daddy pin cushion.

25 Oct


Ah, the eternal question of whether what you’re doing is bloggable or not. And then the mom conundrum that even if it IS blog fodder, by the time you get around to posting it’s soooooo last week.

So, the Altered Bra fundraiser for the Hawai’i chapter of the American Cancer Society went to the Hardrock Cafe last Friday in conjunction with their Pinktober fundraising efforts for Kapiolani Medical Center. My bra was one of the high earners and went to a lovely young lady who’s mom works in the labor and delivery ward at the hospital. My photos were crap though, so there’s nothing to see.

Furlough Fridays have begun (better to have fewer school days than fewer teachers, yes?), so I took the kids to the Bishop Museum to see the “Dinosaurs Unearthed” exhibit and the newly refurbished Hawaiian Hall.


The dinos got a definite thumbs up.


The kids were surprised to find that they liked the Hawaiian Hall too (click for a bigger pic).


It is a wonderful combination of the historic building and it’s original collection, plus contemporary works to deepen the cultural understanding. It’s organized in layers too, moving through water, land and air, as well as through time as one ascends the stairs to each level. The painting detail above is from a 16 panel artwork by Carl Pao depicting the Kumulipo, or cosmology chant that is a kind of creation myth. The modern artworks blend seamlessly with the ancient artifacts, like one of our favorites, the spittoon below.


Yes, those are molars imbedded in the wood. By taking the teeth of those you defeat, you take their power, or mana, as well. Putting your refuse in a vessel holding the mana of those you’ve defeated humiliates them all the more. Not that we’re out defeating anybody.

More random stuff later.

18 Oct

A Seasonal Diversion

My daughter saw some cute skull-themed kitties in one of those catalogs of cheap toys and craft supplies. I liked the idea, but knew we could make something of better quality at home. I went to my go-to basic softie pattern from Wee Wonderfuls and whipped this out:

I couldn’t make something just for my daughter and leave my son out in the cold, so I used to opportunity to make a monster I had been toying with.

I love all the softie monsters I’ve been seeing (check out all the monsters in my Flickr Favorites), but had to put my own twist on this. The answer was in tiki inspiration and BDU fabric.

Ha! is not only and interjection and part of a laugh, it is Hawaiian for breath. Zipper mouths rock.

14 Oct

Quilt Festival

The quilt/craft blogs have been a-flutter for the last few days with all the Quilt Market excitement. Maybe some day I will be able to attend  as an exhibitor or retailer and join in all the fun (and hard work!). I’m not holding my breath though. On Thursday, the Market turns into the Festival, which IS open to the public. This I would also like to attend someday — which actually could happen. For now though, I am content that at least one of my quilts is there.

Rooted VII: Aquifer  ©2009 Kristin La Flamme

If you are at the Festival, please stop by the Tactile Architecture exhibit and say hi to my quilt!

UPDATE: Vicky is in Houston and sent me a photo of my quilt with it’s neighbors:


Thank you so much Vicky.

12 Oct

Some Projects

Some people call it Crafter’s ADD, some just call it having a project for whatever frame of mind you might find yourself in. I like the latter.

Right now, I’m thinking deep thoughts about an art quilt/textile series and as a perfect foil, I’m finally making time to work on a quilt for a friend’s two girls. It’s been so much fun to go through my stash and find the perfect fabrics (and allow myself to buy some that I wouldn’t normally purchase). I’ve also been wanting to make a Denise Schmidt style quilt like all the popular girls and this is the perfect project for it.

I also like to have a take-along project. English-pieced hexagons have long been addictive and pentagons and diamonds are no different. These are from a German book called Liesel’s Funfecke, a book which the whole group of ladies I used to sew with every other Friday bought. I’m not sure if anyone else has a Funfecke project underway. Mine goes to taekwondo class several times a week and is growing nicely.

In the background is the pattern for a blouse I made my daughter. I’ve had the fabric at least six months but it wasn’t until I wanted to use it for the girl quilt too that I actually got around to cutting out the pattern pieces. Maybe my girl will model the blouse tomorrow.

I was remiss in my last post — I didn’t include a picture of the pin cushions. I have my excuses, but they’re lame, so please accept a picture a post late. These are what you can find over at Pink Chalk Fabrics in the Downloadable section (click the button in my sidebar to take you straight there):


08 Oct

Just in Case You’re More Organized Than I…

… and are maybe ready to start thinking about holiday crafting.

I did a little, little bit of organizing in my blog sidebar.

The big addition is a button link to my downloadable pin cushion pattern over at Pink Chalk Fabrics! Kathy is all about customer service and now she’s set up to fulfill our instant gratification sewing needs. You can download my pattern today and have Christmas presents for your crafty friends done tomorrow!

Speaking of Christmas, my little addition is a link to the snowflake fairies tutorial I made a few years ago. It’s way down at the bottom of the sidebar (I couldn’t figure out how to break up all that linky stuff down there, so my tutorials got the shaft. It’s OK though because most of that stuff is also accessible from the “Patterns” tab way up top). May I suggest you click on the Mod Log Table Runner while you’re there, because it works great in all sorts of fabrics and will make wonderful presents for all your friends who don’t necessarily need pin cushions.