04 Sep



Here’s what the kids helped me pack tonight for IBOL’s super secret project #3. It was not easy distracting them from their usual activities of homework, playtime with friends, books and screen time for a project so far removed from themselves. We went to Walmart tonight to get undies so we looked around to see if there was anything else that might be good to include and Katja enjoyed picking out hair thingiess and chose sparkly beads and string for making jewelry, while we distracted Zavi from Bakugan just long enough for him to endorse some Fimo-type clay. They dumped all the stuff from the house and our shopping trip in their respective “Boy” and “Girl” boxes and that was about it from them.


Until bedtime when Katja was, for the first time since the week daddy deployed, in tears. Doing a project for him brought to the surface just how much she misses her dad.

03 Sep

New Necklaces

I can’t seem to decide what to blog about — timing’s off.

But I bought some pretty stuff to share. When I stopped working outside the home, I pretty much stopped accessorizing — especially when I had grabby babies. I’ve rediscovered the ease of adding a necklace to my outfits though and I seem to be on a bit of a binge.

Recent purchase from Maui Dive Girl. Love her jewelry, and after the talk story we listened to at Pu’uhonua o Honaunau park on the Big Island about traditional octopus-catching with a cowry, I had to get this one. I need to wear it with a better outfit though.

This guy was fascinating — explaining not only how a trained and clever person could use this weight, lure and hook to catch an octopus, but also about how to make it, which led to Hawaiian history and rope making, and the importance of kapu, or taboos, which kept the people from over fishing (i.e. no catching octopus in breeding season) or over harvesting (entire mulberry trees for bark instead of just branches). We could have listened for hours except that we had to get back to our boat.

Since Maui Dive Girl was having a two for one sale, I took advantage and bought this “Sticks and Stones” necklace too.

Though this one is made of twigs, it is very evocative of coral or the pencil urchin necklaces the ancient polynesians used to wear. I obviously need a bolder outfit to wear with this one too!

I seemed to be on a roll because the same week as Maui Dive Girl’s two for one sale, my favorite potter teamed up with another jewelry designer I’ve been watching and I couldn’t pass up that opportunity.

This is a piece of one of Diana Fayt’s vases, made into a pendant by The Broken Plate AND part of the proceeds goe to charity! Thank you Gerrie for letting me know about this opportunity. I’ve already gotten great compliments on it and I love it paired with my Indonesian Socialite Dress.

I realize I haven’t shared the one I got for my hubby’s birthday (actually, I just bought it because it was pretty, it was complete coincidence that his birthday was the next day).

We bought it from Jungle Gems on the North Shore. I loved the organic combination of the stones. There were more pendants with more stones that were even more dramatic and wonderful and interestingly combined, but this was the one that looked best on me. It’s sparkly and pretty, so what’s not to love?