10 Jul

A Little Bit Each Day

The blog has been a little slow lately. I blame summer. It’s hard to focus with the kids around. It’s also hard to do much while playing tourist –which is soooooo easy to do here in Hawai’i! We put my MIL on a plane yesterday though, so it’s back to our regular life now.

I do have lots and lots of ideas and half-baked projects going on in the background though. Fabric collages on canvas, a kid art project I’ve been meaning to get to for forever, a scrap quilt, an idea for a series that sprouted from “War Sucks,” the tropical fabric, maybe even some vacation inspired ki’i style monsters …

I’ve been overwhelmed by it all. I was telling myself that I just wasn’t in the mood, or I was too busy with fun excursions, but I now think overwhelmed was playing a big part too. “Pick a goal” is the obvious answer, but they are all so enticing.

What to do? I spoke with blog friend Kathy Mack this morning (I am so impressed with what she’s created with her shop and value her opinion) and she reminded me to chose one little thing to do each day towards my goal(s). So that’s what I am going to do. Yesterday I worked on my 12×12 Passion piece, and the day before I sent out an entry for an art quilt show. I would have sent this house quilt out too, but I ran out of checks for the entry fees and our mail has been sketchy since we returned from our cruise. By the way, the house quilt is going to “Breaking Traditions” which is a benefit show and this year’s theme is Home, so how could I not enter?! Today, I think, will be more 12×12 and hopefully some writing. Tomorrow I’ll quilt. And, so as not to become overwhelmed, I am going to do it all on my terms. I will not worry about all the potential roadblocks, or how and what everyone else is doing. I will do what I can — and whatever happens, happens.

First, I’m off to make some coffee.