15 Sep


We hadn’t been to the beach in a few weekends, so we went to Pupukea Beach this morning to explore the tidepools.

The tide pools were OK, the rock clambering was great, and I just like saying “poo-poo-kay-ah.” Zavi impressed us with his knowledge of the various volcanic rocks. A’a is the really rough stuff (you can remember that because you’d probably say “ah, ah” or worse if you walked on it barefoot). The smoother rock is pahoehoe (pah-ho-ay-ho-ay?) which he likes much better.

Then, because we were on the North Shore, we went to Matsumoto’s (home of the original Shave Ice).

I went for Green Tea flavor this time (very refreshing).

And because commenter Sally M said I should, I went for the adzuki beans this time. I have to admit, the beans didn’t do much for me. They are nice and sweet, but still beany — which is weird with ice and ice cream. I am now on a mission to become a Shave Ice connoisseur. Our next quest will be to find the Dave’s closest to us and try the Shave Ice with Mochi balls. Zavi says he wants to try a bubble drink (so much so that he’s willing to go to the laundromat with me).

Next to Matsumoto’s is a cute little gift and housewares shop. I went in looking for plastic tumblers with 40s-style travel poster images or old C&H Sugar ads on them for a bit of retro Hawai’i kitsch on my lanai. They didn’t have any, but they did have a gorgeous book, Lei Aloha, that we came away with.

Which, of course, led to trying one of leis since we had the right plant in our yard.

Not bad for a first try!

I hope you had a nice Sunday too.

14 Sep

Blogiversary Name Contest

Do you know how your computer hardware has names? Unless you change them, they are usually things like “Hard Drive” and “Untitled.” Mr. Incredible likes to have fun naming ours. Some are obvious, like the external hard drive named Biggie Smalls (it holds a lot, but it’s not very large). Some are obtuse, like my computer itself — named Jafar because my hubby Googled my name once and found that a Kristin La Flamme was married to a guy named Jafar and they were grads of some school or another. Anyways, since then, my “other man” has been Jafar. A few days ago Mr. Incredible mailed me his iTouch since he now has an iPhone for himself. I see that it’s name is “Hammer.” As in “U Can’t Touch This!” Sometimes, I’m a bit slow on the uptake. I was printing some things from Bennie, my LaserJet printer (which we’ve had for a few years) and it dawned on me that it’s name must be inspired by Elton John.

Since I’m slow on the uptake, and yesterday was my blogiversary, I thought I’d do a little contest today. I’ll send a box of macadamia nut chocolates to the first person, not related to me, who can guess why our Volvo is named Delores. I’ll give one hint: it’s based on popular culture, but not a song like our printer or iTouch.

13 Sep


Today (September 12th) was my third blogiversary. It sneaks up on me every year. I’m actually kind of surprised I am still doing this. I like it though, so here I am, and here I will stay for a while.

This is the first year that I will NOT be posting about the Carrefour European du Patchwork, and that makes me sad. I am missing it already and it’s not even until next weekend. I’m also missing my mom a bit. It was nice to have someone to share the load with for a week

We didn’t just move furniture and decorate kids rooms while she was her. We did a few touristy things too, like take a submarine tour off Waikiki.

It took four tries, but we finally got out on the tour Monday afternoon. Poor visibility had canceled the previous two days’ dives. We felt just like tourists except for the fact that we were the very last ones on the boat out to the sub because we had to pick the kids up from school a mere hour before the last dive of the day and drive from suburbia all the way to Waikiki (tourists don’t usually have to figure school into the schedule).

Ocean Sweeper

Ocean Sweeper

From the shore, you take a boat out to the waiting submarine. In addition to the surfers, we’ve often seen people standing on a board, slowly gliding across the water using a long paddle. The boat guide called them “Ocean Sweepers” and tried to convince the kids that these are the guys that keep the water so clean and blue!

Artificial Reef

Artificial Reef

Underwater, all was blue too. The sub takes tourists past artificial reefs placed to attract fish and counteract the loss of natural reefs due to the presence of all us tourists. This kind is actually a Japanese construct on which seaweed is grown for harvest. It’s hard to tell from my picture, but there were all kinds of black and yellow fish swimming around. We checked off at least a half dozen different kinds of fish in our dive log that we saw, but unfortunately, not a whale, ray, or shark. My window got buzzed by a very cool parrot fish though!

Happy Weekend

11 Sep


As I was shredding old files that we no longer need, I came across this letter from our German cable and phone company sent to all it’s American customers in the days after the September 11, 2001 attack. It reminded me of the outpouring of support Americans received overseas (well, at least in Germany), despite our political or cultural differences.

Letter of condolence and support from Deutsche Telekom after 9/11

Letter of condolence and support from Deutsche Telekom after 9/11

I believe it’s people who only see the world in one way who instigate tragedies like the 9/11 attacks and myriad other awful things that humans do to each other. So, I want to thank the unsung people of the world who are open enough to tolerate those who are different, and more often than not, openly support and cooperate with countries, cultures, and communities that have other practices than their own. Thank you to the citizens of Germany who brought cake and coffee to the soldiers standing guard around the clock; thank you to those who practice Islam in the western world and don’t feel the need to resort to terrorism; thank you to everyone who willingly lends a hand to their neighbor regardless of race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, etc.

11 Sep

And the Boy’s Room Too!

We used the Wall Pops here too, but as-is. No cutting. Directly across from the door is the IKEA Expedit bookcase and I thought the Wall Pop squares coordinated nicely with it’s cube-ness.

Just for fun we added more graphic art: canvases with lots of little squares that the kids painted, and postcards by Heiko Windisch that are perfectly black and white and weird in a totally fun way.

I photographed the room because this is probably the last time I’ll see it this tidy until we move again!

10 Sep

Another Room Done

Katja’s meadow room is done. Well, except for the Hawaiian Scherenschnitte quilt I plan on making some day. My mom and I used Wall Pops to cut out grass and fantasy flowers. She also brought some serendipitously matching dragonfly Wallies that I think finished it off great. In the mirror you can see her bed decked out in a princess mosquito net (with roses) and a vintage Bear Paw quilt made with lots of feed sack florals. I broke down and replaced all the mismatched containers, baskets, and small storage bits she used to have with one long row of white cubes that we filled with green, yellow, and pink cloth baskets in which to hide all her toys and things with tiny parts. It looks so much tidier and fresh now!