29 Aug

The Newest Arrival

Mine, mine, mine, all mine!

Oh happy day — my very own car is in our driveway!

You may also note the lovely suburban house we are renting. I want to fill it up with Pottery Barn or West Elm furniture because it is so sleek and clean. I won’t, but it inspires me to (who knew having no individuality could have so much style?).

You may also note the palm tree in the front lawn. Cool. There’s more (plus ginger plants and hibiscus bushes) in our back yard. I am going to buy some tropical style patio furniture this weekend because the lanai and yard really are very, very nice and I want to be able to enjoy them as much as possible.

All that’s missing are a crate(ish) of stuff that was in storage in Arizona (washing machine!) and my hubby.

I’ve also cleared more than just a path to a mattress in the sewing room, so not only will my mom have a place to sleep when she arrives, but I may actually get back to some sewing projects soon. And that should mean more interesting posts in the near future.

24 Aug

Something I Like Better in Europe

We live in suburbia. And it is hot during the day. It’s muggy too if the breezes aren’t strong enough. BUT, Hawaii cools off every night and the evenings are really pleasant. Perfect for a stroll to the neighborhood ice cream shop or biergarten. Oh wait — we live in suburban America where the houses are in one area and the shops are in another. If we lived in a two bedroom apartment we’d have a better chance of being within walking distance of something, but not in a single family house. Drat. I miss the way everything was mixed together in Europe.
Taxes confound me as well. In Europe the taxes are included in the price. If the sign says a single scoop of ice cream is 1.10, then I can hand the cashier 3.30 and get three cones of ice cream. This is great if you have limited cash in your wallet and need to know exactly how much you are spending. Yesterday’s post boogie boarding at the beach shave ice was 2.00 per cup plus .50 each for ice cream at the bottom. I got 7.50 ready — but wait — there’s tax and it really cost 8.92. Drat. Now I’m fumbling for more change.

On the other hand, it’s Sunday and after we go to the farmer’s market, we’re going across the street to the supermarket — because it’s actually going to be open.

X and a gecko

There’s a few of these little geckos in our yard, but they don’t seem to be any help with the very persistent ants that keep coming inside. 

22 Aug

A Homecoming

Today marks a nice little before and after.


The above picture is our kitty Madison during his 28 days in quarantine. As forced confinement goes it wasn’t too bad — he had an indoor/outdoor enclosure with platforms so he could be up high if he wanted, a comfy chair in the outdoor part, his carrier with a soft towel, two meals a day, regular visits from us, and all the Barbara Streisand and Frank Sinatra music he could stand.


But it’s sure nice to have him home with us and parked back in his favorite spot on the big desk

21 Aug

The Before

What, what, what to blog about? I’d love to be blogging about all the projects in my head. I have a mushroom quilt I want to make in conjunction with all the free piecing fun going on over here, I want to finish Zavi’s race track quilt (top is done), I want to make the hawaiian/scherenschnitte meadow quilt I have in mind for Katja’s room, I actually have an idea for the next 12 x 12 challenge, I want to finish quilting the houses and roots quilt I set aside months ago when things were being packed up, and I want to continue working on the forest fabric I bought from Dijanne.

But, I’m overwhelmed. Not to worry, it’s the overwhelmed that anyone would feel when unpacking from a move, doing changes of address, needing to catch up with the bank reconciliations, fighting an ant invasion, finding that the new vacuum cleaner didn’t come with the parts you wanted, helping with homework, the usual cooking (though one meal a day less as the kids eat at school), visiting the cat in quarantine, getting papers signed, hooking up (and failing) the electronics, programming a new phone (though thankfully in English this time, not Dutch), learning where everything is in a new city, etc., etc. …

Luckily, my mom will be here in less than two weeks to help! However…

Studio/Guest Room Before

This is the state of “her” room. So far, I’ve just dumped everything that was in the (larger) studio/guest room in our old house here. Not too inviting, or conducive to sleeping.
Let’s just call this the BEFORE picture and hopefully in less than two weeks, I’ll have an AFTER picture to share. Then I’ll have something kind of art related to blog about, right?

17 Aug

Something Hawaiian

Everyone’s been so quiet, but you are all dying to see some proof that we’re actually in Hawai’i, right?
Even if you’re not, here it is anyway.

While we were living in the hotel we had time to check out a few beaches. Here’s a nice little one at Hickam Air Force Base (where you can watch planes take off from that spit just to the left of where the kids are):

Kids in the surf

Last weekend we went to a festival at a beach park in Honolulu. I have to keep up my Fest Quota you know! There was food, the ocean, a view of Diamond Head, and rides, of course:

Festival at Ala Moana Park

And finally, there’s Shave Ice. It is soooooooooo good — especially with the vanilla ice cream on the bottom.

Shave Ice: yummmmmmm

13 Aug

Comforts of Home

We slept in our very own beds last night!!

This may sound odd, but to a family that has been living with loaner furniture for two months and then living in a hotel for 20 days, being in  a house with our stuff is wonderful.

It is all a sea of boxes still, but I’ve unpacked a lot of kitchen stuff and we’ll have phone/internet hookup on Friday — so, if I can just make a path to the box with the computer in it I’ll be back online soon.

Cheers from Hawaii!